Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knitted Hat

Hello there! It has been close to 3 months since I've last posted anything! Wow!

Soooo, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & I may as well say now, Happy Valentine's day!!! Whew! We have done a lot in the past 3 months. We went to Michigan for Christmas for almost 2 weeks. Luella started crawling and sitting up while we were there, and now she is cruising like crazy all through the house. She has cut her two bottom teeth through, and she has stood up to things several times now with no problem! I have a feeling she'll be an early walker like her brother Samuel. I find very little time to get on here anymore. Juggling taking care of 3 VERY active kids and keeping up house really consumes my days! But, I have snuck in some time for creativity, mostly knitting. And when I mean.. "Snuck" I mean, most of the time it's me just staying up late after the kids are in bed. Some projects don't require as much attention as others, where some I really have to pay attention so I don't make any mistakes! I'm still a beginner at it, but I'm learning and it's so fun! While there are several projects I have started, this hat is my very first officially successful completed one!
Isn't it cute? It was a really simple pattern. I knew I wanted to add a pom pom to it, to give it a little character. The pom pom was really easy to make too. This hat is for my niece. I really want to make some other things that are a bit more challenging now. I'm hoping to make some things for my daughter, since I haven't yet. I need to finish some things up too. I don't like having too many undone projects hanging over me, but I get a little bored with some and need to start on others to keep it interesting for me. So, hopefully one of these days I'll finish Luella's blanket I started forever ago, I guess I could post a picture of that soon too, I kind of just wanted to wait until it's finished. So other then that I have started another hat since doing this pink one. It's green and it's for my brother. I'm wanting to knit some slippers, a jumper for Luella and some other things I have in mind. Far as scrapping, well, I haven't done any. I really have been wanting to. And I hope to soon. I need to get things in my life organized and with it being a new year, I really want to meet my goal of doing just that! And partly, by getting all I can get scrapped and maybe begin to get caught up since 2006... *COUGH*, yeah, I really have ALOT to scrap since then! I technically could say since 2005! That was 7 years ago!! So here is my quest to get back in gear!

I had tried to do my little word for each year but was never very good with it. Last year I never really officially got a word for myself, but it was a close one between the words discipline and another word that seems to escape my memory! Ha! I remember thinking on it last year, but I don't remember what it was now! Ha! Anyway, I think I know what my word is for this year, but not totally certain yet. Well, I'm off to clean my house! Sorry, I know this a long post, but I needed to make up for lost time! Hopefully I can get back in to posting more often!