Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knitted Hat

Hello there! It has been close to 3 months since I've last posted anything! Wow!

Soooo, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & I may as well say now, Happy Valentine's day!!! Whew! We have done a lot in the past 3 months. We went to Michigan for Christmas for almost 2 weeks. Luella started crawling and sitting up while we were there, and now she is cruising like crazy all through the house. She has cut her two bottom teeth through, and she has stood up to things several times now with no problem! I have a feeling she'll be an early walker like her brother Samuel. I find very little time to get on here anymore. Juggling taking care of 3 VERY active kids and keeping up house really consumes my days! But, I have snuck in some time for creativity, mostly knitting. And when I mean.. "Snuck" I mean, most of the time it's me just staying up late after the kids are in bed. Some projects don't require as much attention as others, where some I really have to pay attention so I don't make any mistakes! I'm still a beginner at it, but I'm learning and it's so fun! While there are several projects I have started, this hat is my very first officially successful completed one!
Isn't it cute? It was a really simple pattern. I knew I wanted to add a pom pom to it, to give it a little character. The pom pom was really easy to make too. This hat is for my niece. I really want to make some other things that are a bit more challenging now. I'm hoping to make some things for my daughter, since I haven't yet. I need to finish some things up too. I don't like having too many undone projects hanging over me, but I get a little bored with some and need to start on others to keep it interesting for me. So, hopefully one of these days I'll finish Luella's blanket I started forever ago, I guess I could post a picture of that soon too, I kind of just wanted to wait until it's finished. So other then that I have started another hat since doing this pink one. It's green and it's for my brother. I'm wanting to knit some slippers, a jumper for Luella and some other things I have in mind. Far as scrapping, well, I haven't done any. I really have been wanting to. And I hope to soon. I need to get things in my life organized and with it being a new year, I really want to meet my goal of doing just that! And partly, by getting all I can get scrapped and maybe begin to get caught up since 2006... *COUGH*, yeah, I really have ALOT to scrap since then! I technically could say since 2005! That was 7 years ago!! So here is my quest to get back in gear!

I had tried to do my little word for each year but was never very good with it. Last year I never really officially got a word for myself, but it was a close one between the words discipline and another word that seems to escape my memory! Ha! I remember thinking on it last year, but I don't remember what it was now! Ha! Anyway, I think I know what my word is for this year, but not totally certain yet. Well, I'm off to clean my house! Sorry, I know this a long post, but I needed to make up for lost time! Hopefully I can get back in to posting more often!

Friday, November 11, 2011


My grandma passed away last week. Thursday, November 3, 2011. 
We just got back yesterday evening from driving up to Michigan for the funeral. It was the first time our entire family was together in years. While I can't stop thinking about how much Grandma would have loved to be there with us all together, and how much I wanted to go there and just have her be there and be able to do the fun things we did with her, and to tell her I love her so much, and to get one of her warm squishy hugs. The shock of her really being gone is so unfathomable to me. I miss her dearly. The past couple of weeks have been so emotionally hard for me and the rest of the family. While we all knew Grandma was old and didn't know how much longer she had, we just weren't ready for her to go (how can you ever be?). To realize that a person that has been a constant through out your entire life is gone and it is so hard to deal with that fact. You feel like your grandparents are always going to be there, like they can't die, you want them to live forever. But what's reality can be heart breaking. Everything has seemed like a whirlwind these past 14 days. 
All I can say is, I have a hole in my heart, a part of me is gone, someone that brought so much laughter and joy to my life is gone. She was such a fun and witty little grandma. The many times she'd take us to Frankenmuth when we were little, and the times she'd joke around with us, I will cherish these memories, for it's all I have to hold on to. I can't stop thinking how I just wish I would have called her more, and would have called her just a few days before it all happened when I thought to. Wished I would have held her more each visit we had with her, and told her how much I love her. The only thing that can help me through this is God's comfort and peace. He's the only reason we can get through these times.

Grandma I love and miss you beyond words!

In memory of Letha Luella Furnish

I threw this layout together quickly to have on display at her funeral.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

You are a blessing

Hello there! I feel so out of date on my blog these days. I've wanted to get back on track, but my life doesn't seem to always go how I want to. And scrapping seems so distant to me, I've wanted to get back in the swing of that as well. I've imagined for so long scrapping little girl pages of my daughter. But it seems even a little harder to find the time to, now taking care of three children. I love my life as a mom and having three wonderful children, but it can be challenging at times. Feeling like I'm being pulled 3 directions at one time! Ha! Yup! But that isn't always the culprit, I think it's just plain, I am lazy sometimes and don't want to do anything or feel motivated or creative. Yup, I have let things go in my house more then I ever thought I would, and I feel even more lazy now. I think I need to snap out of it and get back before I let that take over! Yikes!
I had been trying to think of a different way to document and scrap for Luella. But for now I'm just doing pages . I have some ideas of what I want to do, but it seems when I want to do things a certain way it doesn't always happen. So we'll see. This is a page I actually created maybe a month or so ago??

Elements used are all from Greener Grass Designs.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Our baby girl!

Hello there!! Okay, so I had meant to post pictures ALOT sooner. But things have been busy with 3 kids now. It's funny that my last post was on June 9th, and I had my baby girl the next day!
I had a wonderful birth experience a very fast labor (for me), and my first water birth!

Our baby girl arrived on June 10th at 2:40 pm.
weighing 7lbs 3oz
18 3/4 inches long.
She came out with her eyes wide open looking at mommy, her color was great, pink and beautiful, my midwife explained her as being "lovely" on her vital sheet. When we found out she was a girl I squealed with joy! I got to find out first by looking! My midwives were amazing. Everything was perfect! I still can't believe I finally have my baby girl!! We are just overjoyed and thrilled to have her in our life, she's such a blessing!! We are so in love with her! Her big brothers love her so much and ask to hold her all the time!! We praise God for her!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 pages

Hi! I did these two pages earlier in the week. It's felt good to get some scrapping done. And while I'm waiting for this baby to come, I figured I'd go ahead and get my pages done for June. I am 39 weeks today!! ONE more week until DUE day!!! So crazy! Maybe if I get more opportunities I'll get some more scrapping in! I'm really trying to keep the swelling down in my feet (they look horrible) so sitting here at the computer isn't the greatest thing for me. Even if I prop my feet up on the computer tower and speaker thing it's not elevating them high enough to do much, and very uncomfortable for me. So maybe next time I post there will be news of a baby!!! :) We're so excited to meet baby Keller!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

38 weeks!

Hey there! I figured I'd show some pictures of my HUGE belly!
It's funny to hear the different opinions of people on what they think I'm having. Like strangers that matter of factly think I'm having a boy or girl! One week I could be in a store and have 2 or 3 different people say that they totally think I'm having a boy and then the next week I could have 2-3 people say that they really think it's a girl! Haha! People are funny!
We'll find out soon enough! In the meantime I'm a lady in waiting, ha!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Another page

Hey! I guess I'm on a creative streak! Glad I'm actually getting some scrapping in... I know I need to get caught up, since I've been behind on scrapping for the Greener Grass Designs creative team. I figured I'd better do it now, and get some pages behind me before the baby comes.
So I'm excited that I've gotten two pages done in two days! Yay!
What did you do/doing this Memorial weekend?? We haven't really been doing anything, other then just staying home. I cleaned our pool out today from it just being filled last week, because we had a bunch of storms come through that blew a TON of stuff into the pool and it was getting slimy! Eeew! It's been so hot, like SUMMER hot! I can't stand it already, so I wanted to soak in the pool, but I didn't get it filled till towards this evening, so when I finally did get in with my son, the water was FREEZING! It will warm up some in no time though with this hot weather!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello there,
It seems forever since I've scrapped anything. I think I've been grieving the loss of many, many photos and digital elements that I just couldn't bring myself to scrap... that and I am limited to how much I can scrap b/c of low memory on our computer. Anyway, I was really excited to use Christina's new kit "Over the River" because I thought it was so cute. Unfortunately the pictures I wanted to use for this kit I do not have now, because our external hard drive being damaged. So I thought I'd see what pictures I did have to use and make do. So I thought using these pictures of Isaac and his friend would work well.

I'm down to only 2 1/2 weeks until my due date for the baby. I'm both excited and nervous. I always get nervous about approaching the labor and delivery stage. I know the Lord will see me through it, and I need to lean on him for strength. I can't believe how fast these past couple of months have went. So crazy! Soon, we'll meet our little one!