Monday, February 16, 2009

My silly son

I almost forgot to share this. This was taken on the 12th, After I had been making some Valentine's... Isaac came up to me looking like this!!
Yes, he had gotten into my glitter chipboard letters. I had to laugh and take a few photos. Ohh, my silly funny boy! He's always finding ways to crack me up!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Too excited not to share!

I LOVE these fabrics, they are so bright and cheery! I really am itching to sew and I was soo inpired all the more when I found this site by Heather Bailey.

I love that handbag, I really want to make it! It's so cute! I may have to order some stuff! It's a little on the pricey side, but I would much rather spend money on something I really like and that's nice quality. She also has a small scrapbook collection wich is beautiful and I would love to see her come out with more and maybe one day possibly do digital!!! I am thinking of emailing her to ask her if she would ever consider that. But for now, I am in love with her fabric!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

From my Valentine's

I woke up this morning to my oldest son and husband each carrying a pot of beautiful flowers to me! Along with a box of chocolates and a movie! I am truly blessed to have three Valentine's on this special day, my boys are such a blessing... hubby, Isaac and Samuel!
Hope you all have a blessed Valentine's Day with the person/s you love!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poka Dots

I don't really know why I'm posting this. Except that I love the colors in it and it inspires me to create something colorful! I'm just not sure what that will be! So maybe it will inspire you too! It's just so pretty and colorful!
This is actually a box cover from a gift my mom gave my son.


Sorry this is so small. I had a hard time with my sizing. Anyway, this is a card I made for my Grandpa for his birthday.

This is a "peom" (trust me, I am NOT a poet, I know there may be improper grammer and such in this, it's more of just how I feel and what I remember, so try not and be too critical of it).or more like a letter to my Grandpa about the memories I have from being a child. I normally wouldn't post something like this, mostly because I really don't like my handwritting, some days it's better than others, and well, today it was not looking so nice. But I figured I need to start humbling myself and like who I am and how I do things. And just to show a kind of neat idea when sending someone a birthday card or any kind of card for that matter. Just to write a little poem or note to that person that would make it even more special. My Grandpa lives in another state so I hardly get to see my grandparents as often and I'd like, and they're getting older and I would like to see them soon, I miss them.

More Valentine fun!

Proof that I was up way too late last night.

More proof that I was up even later!

This is the Valentine card I will be giving my husband.

I store my stamping supplies in an old antique flour grinding hutch (don't know what it's properly called). I like to set my cards up in it to just look at all the pretty colors and cards!

Some little Valentine's I made for the boys to send to different people.

Be my Valentine

My sons helping me make Valentine's.

I found that the cookie cutters are great not only for cookies but for many things, like heart shaped Valentine's! They're so fun!

The finished product!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Cookies

My son (Isaac) and little sister (Annie) and I made Valentine cookies! It was lots of fun and they turned out soo pretty!

I threw together these pages real quick just to display the fun we had!

The cookie cutters are by ecrandal Originals. Right now they are having a Valentine special on all of their cutters, so hurry and get some! They make the cutest hearts among MANY other shapes! And they are the best quality cutter I have ever seen or used! FYI, ecrandal just happens to be my sister and her husband's business they own, my brother in-law designs each cutter by hand! And I'm not just bragging about them because I'm related to them... ok, maybe just a little... but seriously, I am being honest when I say they are GREAT quality!

Of course Isaac had the most fun eating the cookies and frosting!

These butter/shortbread cookies are the best! They are a favorite family recipe that we've been making since I was just a little girl! They have lots of butter in them and that's what makes them sooo good and flaky, along with the yummy buttercream frosting!!

Beautiful colors!

One more...

I got my sewing machine out for this one. It was fun and turned out kind of nice!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yet more cards...

This card I made for a friend of mine who also is my midwife, she recently lost her daughter so I made this card for her.

Look familiar? This was the super simple card I made for my Grandma, it was just a little too simple and it was bothering me, so I made a couple modifications to it. Instead of having it be all one white card I cut it and put it on a brown card and added some ribbon.

Ok, I almost didn't put this card up cause I REALLY don't like how it turned out. I was totally inspired by a beautiful card my sister in-law, Christina sent us for our anniversary. Well, lets just say hers was WAY better looking and mine looks pretty sad compared to her beautiful one. So I guess that's what I get for copying! Ha! But it is the same colors for the most part, and remember I was saying how my favorite colors were blue, brown, and pink? Well, she used all three of the colors together! And I was so excited that I was inspired to put one together myself! But like I said, it's nothing compared to hers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Cards

I know I have only been posting cards. It's just that February is a very busy month in our family for birthdays and holiday's and such. And while lately I've been in a real good card making mood where everything just seems to flow, (which is rare cause I haven't been in one for SO long), I figured I better take advantage of it and get a head start on different cards. Too many a time I am late on getting cards out to people and this time I am trying. I can't guarantee they will get to their recipient "ON TIME", but at least I am getting them made in a decent time frame. And with having to take care of my two wonderful boys in between making them or staying up till the wee hours of the night so I don't have any interruptions, I have to take what I can get.

I REALY LOVE this card, and the reason is, it has several of my favorite things on it, GLITTER and my two favorite colors, next to blue (Not together, I mean separately... But maybe together, hmm, should I try it?). Bright or hot pink has been my favorite color for years. I used it as my wedding color, and I still LOVE it to this day, what can I say? I am a girl! I have really been in to brown a lot too for quite some time. I would say that even though my tastes and likes have changed and continue to, there are a few colors that I have loved for many many years. Blue is one of them and then pink! And being that I have only boys, I don't have a whole ton of chances to use pink, so when I do, It's like a fresh flower come to greet me! I LOVE my two little boys SOO very much, but that desire to have a little girl is SO strong and I know my day will come when I can use PINK! Hopefully I won't ever tire of it! Ha! But ohh, I love so many colors!

Another view.

Super simple yet a very sweet Valentine card. I hope you can make out the white hearts stamped in the background. I haven't decided for sure who these cards will be for. And I'm sure I will be making more Valentines so I'll have to decide who to send what to. I've been into the simple cards lately, sometimes simple is more. And it's a lot quicker to make too! But I still like experimenting with more detailed cards as well.

Birthday card

I made this card for my little sister in-law, Amanda for her 10th birthday. I knew I wanted to use an "A" on it somewhere but wasn't sure where or how it would look.
I really liked how it turned out! I like how the "A" stands for "Amanda" And also "A wish". I didn't intend for it to be like that but I realized that after I had it made! Ha!

Detail of the "A" and the glitter embossed scallop. The brad is Basic Grey's glazed brads Eva collection, I love these brads!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank you

I really liked how this card turned out. Unfortunately, do to not the greatest light and my lack of photography skills you can't see the white stamped flourish in the background well. Maybe if you click on it you can see the detail better.

Super simple one.

Dahlia Flower

I made this card for my Grandma for her birthday.

It's another super plain and simple card...almost too simple, I may have to add some ribbon or buttons to it.

Birthday-boy card

I have a hard time with making boy cards sometimes and wasn't sure what I thought of this one, but I do like how colorful it is!

I originally made this one in mind for my little brother in-law, Jacob. I pictured something else in mind for him, but it kinda of ended up differently than the original plan. I'm not sure now, I'm thinking I may give it to my nephew Ezra now.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Here are some birthday cards I made last week. Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest.

I first saw these flowers made by my two sister in-laws and just really loved the way they looked! They are actually real easy once you get the folding down and they are lots of fun! And thanks to my sister in-law Christina I was able to make some. She's probably wondering why I haven't sent her punches back to her! *Winks*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Beginnings

Hello my dear friends!
I have decided to give the whole blog thing another try. I realize that no matter what people may think or do that I still am me and I still enjoy and love scrapping and just being creative... Be it that I am not as good as so many out there, but I still love doing it. Maybe I'm not the best but I can still have fun and enjoy it and not worry about what other people think. We all are different and I am learning to like who I am, and how I do things, and what I like. I want to do things that are me and not someone else. And if I seem to do things or "copy" someone else, it is because I am inspired by them!
I Have a tendency to be somewhat of a perfectionist and if it's not perfect to my standards I worry other people will be critical of it. I am always growing in my tastes and likes. As I know we all are. I need to except me and not worry whether someone is going to like the way I do things.
I LOVE my two sons SO VERY MUCH! They are everything to me. So you'll see a lot of them on here as I scrap them the most! Children are SO MUCH FUN to scrap, they bring such character, joy, energy to everything! It's amazing how much a child can light up a page! But as I have named my blog "Scrapping. Photos. Life." you will see many other things I enjoy doing and maybe things that I will venture into, may be scary, but just bare with me! As this is a new day, a new hour, a new beginning...
So here I go!!