Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Cards

I know I have only been posting cards. It's just that February is a very busy month in our family for birthdays and holiday's and such. And while lately I've been in a real good card making mood where everything just seems to flow, (which is rare cause I haven't been in one for SO long), I figured I better take advantage of it and get a head start on different cards. Too many a time I am late on getting cards out to people and this time I am trying. I can't guarantee they will get to their recipient "ON TIME", but at least I am getting them made in a decent time frame. And with having to take care of my two wonderful boys in between making them or staying up till the wee hours of the night so I don't have any interruptions, I have to take what I can get.

I REALY LOVE this card, and the reason is, it has several of my favorite things on it, GLITTER and my two favorite colors, next to blue (Not together, I mean separately... But maybe together, hmm, should I try it?). Bright or hot pink has been my favorite color for years. I used it as my wedding color, and I still LOVE it to this day, what can I say? I am a girl! I have really been in to brown a lot too for quite some time. I would say that even though my tastes and likes have changed and continue to, there are a few colors that I have loved for many many years. Blue is one of them and then pink! And being that I have only boys, I don't have a whole ton of chances to use pink, so when I do, It's like a fresh flower come to greet me! I LOVE my two little boys SOO very much, but that desire to have a little girl is SO strong and I know my day will come when I can use PINK! Hopefully I won't ever tire of it! Ha! But ohh, I love so many colors!

Another view.

Super simple yet a very sweet Valentine card. I hope you can make out the white hearts stamped in the background. I haven't decided for sure who these cards will be for. And I'm sure I will be making more Valentines so I'll have to decide who to send what to. I've been into the simple cards lately, sometimes simple is more. And it's a lot quicker to make too! But I still like experimenting with more detailed cards as well.

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  1. OH WOW!!!! You have been busy with card-making! I'm so excited for you! ALL of the cards are beautiful. I just kept scrolling down and didn't want it to stop. Haha! So you got me all inspired and now I'm going to make some cards. Woohoo!


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