Monday, May 30, 2011

Another page

Hey! I guess I'm on a creative streak! Glad I'm actually getting some scrapping in... I know I need to get caught up, since I've been behind on scrapping for the Greener Grass Designs creative team. I figured I'd better do it now, and get some pages behind me before the baby comes.
So I'm excited that I've gotten two pages done in two days! Yay!
What did you do/doing this Memorial weekend?? We haven't really been doing anything, other then just staying home. I cleaned our pool out today from it just being filled last week, because we had a bunch of storms come through that blew a TON of stuff into the pool and it was getting slimy! Eeew! It's been so hot, like SUMMER hot! I can't stand it already, so I wanted to soak in the pool, but I didn't get it filled till towards this evening, so when I finally did get in with my son, the water was FREEZING! It will warm up some in no time though with this hot weather!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello there,
It seems forever since I've scrapped anything. I think I've been grieving the loss of many, many photos and digital elements that I just couldn't bring myself to scrap... that and I am limited to how much I can scrap b/c of low memory on our computer. Anyway, I was really excited to use Christina's new kit "Over the River" because I thought it was so cute. Unfortunately the pictures I wanted to use for this kit I do not have now, because our external hard drive being damaged. So I thought I'd see what pictures I did have to use and make do. So I thought using these pictures of Isaac and his friend would work well.

I'm down to only 2 1/2 weeks until my due date for the baby. I'm both excited and nervous. I always get nervous about approaching the labor and delivery stage. I know the Lord will see me through it, and I need to lean on him for strength. I can't believe how fast these past couple of months have went. So crazy! Soon, we'll meet our little one!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

birth and beyond

Hi there, I've been wanting to share some links on homebirth/natural births and such. Mostly just because I've been watching so many women's birth videos and reading different stories, just because I find if interesting and like to find out anything new or to give me more insight on things. And because I am nearing my due date in just 6 weeks! I find it fun to look up these things to help me to prepare again (mentally) for sometimes what is the "unknown" when you have a child. All births are different and sometimes it's hard to know what to expect. If any of you are uncomfortable with seeing/reading about women giving birth and showing some nudity, I do not suggest you click on these links or watch them. Some of this is touching to me and almost every time I watch another ones birth or read about it I cry. Almost every time when the baby is born and the mom is holding it in complete joy and triumph, like angels are singing Hallelujah! Gets me every time. Ha! I think every woman's birth story is amazing no matter where or how you gave birth. Some I know are tragic and my heart goes out to those that have struggled. I in no way force any opinions or beliefs I have, but rather I like to be educated and informed.

These videos I think are so beautiful-

Here is an interesting article written by a midwife-