Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday- Friend

Hello Saturday!! Are you having a fun-filled or wonderfully relaxing weekend?? I sure hope so! Here is another one of those cards I made a while back (when I mentioned I took pictures of cards but then realized the memory card was not in the camera when I went to download them!!). This time I REMEMBERED it!! Hehe!! Have any of you seen the latest Moxie Fab challenge?? It sure looks like a challenge! I hope to be able to participate in it this time. Will you be submitting anything for it? I would love to see your creations! Lately I have a lot of ideas floating through my mind of how I want to do things and what I want to do. But then I feel overwhelmed, and then I remind myself I need to take one thing one day at a time. I think with the reality of us moving soon into our OWN home, is getting my creative juices flowing for decorating ideas and just getting pumped on crafting and such!! So as we embark on this new adventure in our lives, it's a little frightening but is also an answer to our prayers and it's exciting!! We're just thankful to the Lord for his peace, and guidance!

Thank you for all your prayers and support for me!! You all are just so sweet! I have a lot I want to say but there will be other times for that! I'm going to keep this post shorter this time. So have a wonderful day and rest of your weekend! God Bless!

  • Stamps: SU- Friend (not sure what set it's from, sorry, again!!). I guess I have a lot of loose stamps I've borrowed from my mom and took them out of the sets they belong in, so I don't remember what set it's from.
  • Cardstock/Paper: SU- Very vanilla, the purple/eggplant color is SU as well, not sure the correct name. The pattern paper is Basic Grey's lemonade collection.
  • Ink: Eggplant envy-SU
  • Tools & Accessories: EK Success corner rounder, Kaiser rhinestones, Kiwi kiss grosgrain striped ribbon-SU, cream button from SU's earth elements & neutrals buttons, sewing thread, dimensional adhesive.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My son making cards 9.10.09

This is a video I've been meaning to post for some time now. I think on several attempts the computer either got turned off by my littlest son who LOVES teasing mommy and laughs when he turns it off! It also took forever for this to upload, so I canceled it another time I think. Anyway, Thought I would share this. Isaac really likes making cards. He loves using the glue pen and adding little bits of glitter to his cards (must get it from Mommy! :) Ha! So I hope you enjoy this little clip!

"Manly" cards

Hello there and Happy Friday to you all!! Ok, so today I am sharing with you some "manly" cards I made last week. And when I say "manly", I'm not so sure if this first one classifies as being very manly other than maybe the colors. You think a guy would think the glitter, ribbon and scallop edge is a little too feminine? Maybe. And as I've mentioned before, manly cards are NOT my strong point. As you can see, this first one is kind of... Well, "different", I'm not too crazy about it, but I left it be, and it will have to do. I always show my husband my cards after I've made them. And I usually can tell by the way he looks at them whether he likes them or not. And although sometimes he's a little too honest and makes me cry or hurt my feelings, sometimes I know he's right. But then it never hurts to get other's opinions as well. And what may be not so attractive to one person, may be something another person LOVES. So it's all a matter of taste and preference. It's hard for me sometimes because I am ALWAYS worried about what other people will think about my work. If they'll like it, if they think it's ugly, if they're just saying they like it to be nice.. stuff like that. But lately I've had to just be true to myself and even if I create "flops every now and then (ok, maybe more often than not), I need to be brave and share what I have created with others. and just be confident in myself, and not worry about what others think or do things to try and please them. I know as I go I will (I hope) improve. But I guess we all go through these times of insecurity. But know that we're always changing and growing in our likes and dislikes- our styles.

So the next card here, my husband gave the "this one is my favorite" And for the first one I got a, "I don't know, it's kind of weird". Haha! Even though at the time I was pretty sure he wouldn't like it, because I wasn't even settled on whether I liked it. It still made me a little hurt and upset. I hate it when he doesn't like things I create, especially with my scrapbook pages, I'm really bad with those. I go long periods with out making them because I am so afraid of what others will think of it and I am always wanting them to look perfect and turn out just right. So I am trying to push myself more and thanks to all the encouragement I get from YOU (my blog readers) it helps me to be more brave. :) I am trying to be better at making more guy cards. I have a vast supply of girl/feminine cards on hand, but no guy ones. So I need to work hard on that. I just need to find my style in that area- and invest in some good stamps that will work for guys. And being that there a LOT of birthdays in our family, especially this time of year and most of which are guys/boys, I need to get a handle on it! Here it is fall and now the warm weather decides to grace us as if it decided summer wanted to stay- considering I feel like we hardly had one!! It's quite a refresher from having the weeks of gloomy rainy weather though. But I can't wait to rake the leaves with the boys (some are already falling), and jump in the big piles with them! :) while there is a little chill in the air. I loved that when I was a kid. My sister & I would spend hours and hours outside playing, we just loved every season. We always had so much fun! And I would like for my kids to have that kind of fun too! Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend!! This scheduled posting is kind of nice- I may have a post or two during the weekend as well. So keep an eye out! ;) Thanks for stopping by!

Happy birthday-blue/black:

  • Cardstock: The khaki color, black and teal are SU, the other aqua is from that Basic Grey paper that was given to me.
  • Stamps: Polka dots and paisley-SU, Happy birthday- Imaginisce, from their little Snag'em sets.
  • Ink: Craft white-SU
  • Tools & accessories: EK Success corner rounder, colored glitter-SU, rhinestones-SU, aqua satin ribbon-walmart, & dimensional adhesive.

Happy birthday-trees:
  • Stamps: SU- tree set (I used at my mom's sorry, again don't remember the name of the set), the little circle & the "Happy"  is from Occasions collection-SU, & the "Birthday"-Imaginisce, from their little Snag'em sets.
  • Cardstock: All SU- Close to cocoa, chocolate chip, & certainly celery (?).
  • Ink: SU- Close to cocoa, certainly celery (?), & Color box chalk ink-dark brown.
  • Tools & accessories: Brown satin ribbon, fiskars mini scallop scissors (?), & dimensional adhesive.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy birthday

Here is a card I made quite a while back. Remember the post I did about taking pictures of my cards and then realizing later on that I didn't have my memory card in my camera? Well this is one of those cards. So thought I  would share this one with you today. I'm still trying to figure out this new blogger posting, it's a little tricky. Things not laying out as nicely as I'd like them to. And when my husband has time to, I'm going to ask him to help me with it so that I can customize things a little more on here. I tried some different things with taking pictures of my cards lately, so I am showing a few different pictures I took of this card. I know the coloring may differ from this first one I have up.

I love the cheerful colors in this. I'm thinking I may send this to my step-mother-in-law for her birthday. Unless I come up with something else for her. I have some ideas.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday and all is going well for you. The weekend is almost here, any plans?? Mr. Keller has to work this weekend, so nothing too special going on here. We're in the process of buying a house (have I mentioned that before??), so we'll be waiting to hear back on results of inspections and such that will be taking place. So I've been doing a lot of praying and asking the Lord to open or close doors. And for him to lead us and guide us to where we're suppose to be.
Thank you for all the sweet comments you have left me lately on my postings. It sure means a lot to me! God bless your day!!

Happy Birthday:
  • Stamps: "happy birthday"- Imaginisce, Butterfly- basic grey's mini clear stamps.
  • Cardstock-paper: Pixie pink-SU, Yellow (not sure the name)-SU, & the flower print paper- Basic Grey's lemonade paper collection.
  • Ink: I can't remember whether I used SU- Old Olive or Mellow moss.
  • Accessories & tools: Corner rounderPTI's lemon tart satin ribbon (I think), glitter, dimensional pop-up adhesive, kaiser kraft rhinestones, & sewing thread.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Embellish polka dot paradise color challenge

When I saw that Ashley Newell started Embellish, I thought it was so cool and what a neat idea for all us stamper/crafters out there!! I am excited about this magazine and what she's doing!! I really wanted to be able to participate in this challenge. I'm not crazy about my card I did. But I am posting it anyway. I may make another one for it too. We'll see.
I noticed my burgundy color is more brown looking. It's not brown, it is in fact burgundy. And with the "light orange", I think mine is a little on the yellow side, but it's what I had. I created this card while I was at my parent's house this past weekend. I got my sisters and my mom to stamp with me this time! Yay! :)

Happy Thanksgiving:
  • Stamps: The pumpkin was one my Mom had, I'm not sure what set it was from, but it's SU, and the "happy Thanksgiving is SU too, the name of the set escapes me, sorry I am not too informative on my listing of supplies. The Polka dot background is from my Polka dots and paisleys-SU set.
  • Cardstock: All SU- Very vanilla, bravo burgundy, and I think the orange/yellow is maybe so saffron???
  • Ink: Bravo burgundy & Apricot appeal (?)
  • Accessories & tools: Glitter, corner rounder, & orange satin ribbon (walmart).

Musings and a card

Good morning and Happy fall! (a day late). Does it feel like fall where you're at yet?? It sure has here! Rain and chilliness for almost 2 weeks straight- BUT just yesterday (the first day of fall) the sun came out and it was beautiful and warm out! But the more I realize fall is here, the more I am starting to get excited about it. (I love the change of each season as it comes, I don't think I could live somewhere where the seasons never change much). And it makes me long to go visit my home state, Michigan. I love, LOVE being there in the fall, going to the cider mill getting apples, cider, and doughnuts, YUM!! Raking the crisp leaves while there's a chill in the air. I soo miss that! I mean, we have most all of that here, but mostly just because of my childhood growing up there, I guess the nostalgia hits me. And it's just not quite the same here. Granted we DO have BEAUTIFUL fall colors that grace us on these beautiful mountains, so that makes up for it some.  Anyway, I need to stop with my rambling on. I'm trying out this new updated posting blogger now has. I'm trying something different.
So you'll have to let me know what you think. I wasn't going to post this card, because I didn't like it. I created it for the moxie fab "around the house challenge". I never posted it so I missed the deadline. But with a little encouragement from my dear friend, Maile, (I know I need a "push" every now and then! Thank you for that Maile!), I decided to go ahead and just post it anyway. So here it is. I didn't really have any stamps that had items that were for "around the house". But I don't know about you, but I would love to have that cake around my house right now (in chocolate, pleaseee!). Hehe!!

So, I didn't get around to getting the posts I intended to yesterday. I just got caught up in other things. And it seemed every time I went to go do it, something else came up. Along with my baby boy cutting the skin that connects from his top lip to his gum. It completely cut it apart and is disconnected now. It hurt me soooo bad just seeing it happen. I was soo worried, I just prayed and prayed, as it bled a LOT. He cried for quite a while. The bleeding finally stopped, and he was off playing away with his brother shortly afterward! So I just praise God for his protection and healing over him! Our God is an awesome God! Praise the Lord! So that was a heart wrenching moment for me. I absolutely hate when my babies get hurt. So as I intended to get a lot more done, it didn't happen. And the day came and gone, and I felt like I didn't accomplish much of anything. I'm really praying and trying to work better on being more organized and discipline myself to be on a better schedule and balance things out more. I need to spend more time with my baby boys while they're still young and not let this time pass me boy. Thanks for always listening (or rather, reading) to what I have to say. I know sometimes I just go on and on, but I guess I just like to express how I feel or what I'm thinking about things in my life. So I hope it doesn't annoy any of you (too much anyway :). I really do appreciate the time you all take to visit me here in my little blog world! Ha! Hope you have a terrifically splendid day!!

Once upon a time:

  • Stamps: Since I am too lazy to look up what the name of the set is, it is a cute wedding set from SU (if you really want to know, just ask me and I will look it up and let you know)- Update: the set is called "Fairy-Tale Wedding".
  • Cardstock: Very vanilla-SU & Chocolate chip-SU
  • Inks: More mustard, close to cocoa, pixie pink, and mellow moss (?)-SU.
  • Accessories & Tools: Corner rounder, pop up dimensional adhesive, SU ribbon (not totally sure if the yellow is SU or PTI, since it was given to me) & button, SU glitter, & sewing thread.

Monday, September 21, 2009

More prints...

Helloooooo there!! Happy MONDAY!!! Sorry, I'm trying to make this gloomy weather we've been having (for ever now) more cheerful! It's made me real tired, yucky feeling and just poopy and slow too, I am NOT THAT OLD!! But seriously, the weather has been affecting me and how I feel these days. What's up with that?? Hmmm. I don't mind rain, but when it lasts and lasts and lasts and just leaves that chilly, damp, gloomy feel, it gets very old and I want SUNSHINE! I hate it when everything in the house feels all full of moisture, like the cereal boxes on the fridge when you get them down, they feel all damp (yuck), and my card stock and card supplies feels damp, I don't like that. I took some pictures today (of cards I've made over the week/end), cause I was tired of waiting for a nice day to take them. Well, It's just so gloomy and dark out for pictures, so I didn't get very good ones. So I will show those later, or I may just schedule posts throughout the week, since there are quite a few of them. But for now I thought I would share some more digital scrapbook pages I had printed through that company I mentioned a while back. Did I mention how much I love getting my pages in the mail?? It's so neat to see them in real life printed on a big sheet of photo paper!

This particular page I wasn't as impressed with (sorry for the bad glare from the flash). For some reason the pictures of my son turned out really dark looking. The pictures were a little on the dark side to start with, but I did edit them some. I also noticed that when I went to place this second order, it looked like the company changed some things, like their 12x12 prints look like they're $1.99 all the time now, but that's unedited, (which is fine with me because when you're doing digital usually I edit the coloring myself to get the colors how I like), but sometimes I guess I am not so good at it (still learning and working on this), so it may be partially my fault. They also offer professional color edited prints and it lists the various different prices and options. I still think it's a fab deal ($1.99 for a 12x12 page, most places are around $3.00+). So just make sure your colors are just how you want them if you're ordering the unedited prints through them, their quality is still great and the colors on all the elements and such that I put on the pages are real bright and great looking. And I'm not sure, it may have been the same way before when I placed my first order, and I may have just not noticed there were options. I just noticed that they made some changes on their site and their shipping I think changed a little this second time. But I still highly recommend this company.

I had another 2-pager printed, It turned out great! This is my busy fourth of July "flag" page! Ha!
I need to scoot, I have to go pick up Mr. Keller from work and then we need to pick up a few grocery items. I'll be back later on, I want to post something that was inspired by something Ali Edwards posted today.. she's always doing such encouraging and inspiring posts on documentation of her life.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Super dumb moment... *red with embarrassment*

Ok, So I made a couple cards last evening and finished up some on 9/11. Even my son Isaac had some fun and made his own little mini cards (which are very cute). I took pictures of all of them to share with you all today...
The sunlight was coming in the living room beautifully, and I wanted to take advantage of the nice lighting. (I normally take my cards outside to get photos, but I've been trying different things in the house).
So I set my cards up.
Took pictures.
Lots of pictures.
Had to keep baby hands away. (Which were being so cute and wanting to grab everything).
Snap. snap. snap.
Done with photos.
Went about the rest of my day.
Hubs came home.
I started making pizza. (I had to have him bring home most of the ingredients before I could start it).
We ate, watched the rest of The Devil Wears Prada.
Got boys ready for bed.
Went outside to get dried sheets and bedding out of the dryer (yeah, my washer and dryer are outside).
Ran inside fast because I was scared of a noise that we've had on our roof for the last couple evenings (we have a tin roof, so you can hear anything on it).
Normally when we hear the tin, it's from the wind blowing really hard and whipping against it.
Well, there hasn't been any wind.
So what is on our ROOF?????
Yeah, scary!! I keep freaking out thinking if I look out the window they'll be little beady eyes starring at me. (ok, I'm really scaring myself now!!).
So all boys in including hubby are sound asleep.
I go into my "late night, blog hopping, wasting time, thinking of creating, wishing I had more things to create with, wanting to order so much stuff, can't afford it though, getting ideas, wasting more time, late night zombie owl mode. (even though I REALLY need to be in bed).
So then I remind myself "oh yeah, I took pictures of my cards today, I should put those on the blog".
Look at the camera, and then look up on the top of the desk, and realize...
are you ready for this???
The memory stick was lying up there.
All that time I was taking pictures with an empty camera!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Can I have a BIG "Jessica is a dork" cheer!?!
So, thought I'd share that bit of info with you, just in case you ever wonder just how much of a nerd I am!!
Now, I want to make some cards. And there is a dog barking outside. Still thinking about that scary critter that could be living on our roof.
Thinking maybe I should just go to bed.
12:51 am
Ok, I am leaving blog world now.
How many of you think I'm a really weird person now?? LOL!! Seriously, I am laughing at myself.
Maybe this is what over tiredness does to a person, or just to me??? :/

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 digi pages

Happy Thursday! I hope you all are doing wonderful!
I created this digital page today.
And this one I actually designed a few weeks back.
Thank you so much for visiting me today, your comments mean a lot to me! I hope you enjoyed looking over everything I've been posting. Now, I need to try and do some things around my house. I have spent wayyyy too much time on the computer today.

Cards for Kate

This has been posted around A LOT lately. Jennifer McGuire is the initiator of it. This is a card drive for this sweet little girl, Kate, who is battling brain cancer. I just want to burst out in tears every time I look at her picture or read about her. I think it's so wonderful how SOO many people are sending her cards. It's really touching. And while I knew I wanted to make her one, I knew I wanted it to be very bright in colors and cheerful looking. And just yesterday I made this and I envisioned this layout in my mind, so I put it all together, and it turned out great I think! I put the "k" for Kate. I thought about and prayed for her as I made this card. I have been praying a lot for her and her family as well. God's hand is NOT too short that he cannot heal this child. So this is what I came up with for her..

I love the "X" stitching my sewing machine has! It was a little tricky getting it just right, and I did make a few small mistakes, but not too bad. Sorry, I am not listing the items I used for this card. I am too lazy I guess. I am thinking of maybe making cards for the rest of her family members as well.

Digital pages- printed

I had some of my digital pages printed from a company I heard about through Ali Edward's blog. It's called They've been having an awesome summer sale on their prints. $1.99 for a 12x12 print, FANTASTIC price!! So I really wanted to order some and to see how well I like their quality. And they DID NOT disappoint!! Their quality is GREAT!! My pages look so rich and deep in color, they really look like just how I designed them!! I have used this company in the past for printing my pages. While they have real good quality too, I have noticed slight color differences on some of my pages from when I design them and then have them printed from there. So I am more happy with's quality! There's always something rewarding about designing your own pages and then receiving them printed in the mail. It's an exciting feeling to see them in real life and to have them be tangible rather then on your computer screen! So yeah, I am really impressed with this company, and I SO wish I would have ordered more pages. I see that their 'sizzling summer sale' ends this Friday (bummer). I may be able to get in another small order, we'll see about that.

As you may recognize this page from a color challenge I did over at Dawn's blog. This was my first color challenge creation picked for in the spotlight! I LOVE this page, and even more so after I've gotten it printed! That chocolate background looks delicious printed, all the colors really turned out soo great and luscious!

Another page- glossy

I wanted to see the quality of their glossy finish, so I ordered this page in glossy. As with the matte finish, the colors look bright and really rich, just with a glossy finish. I really like it! I am actually thinking of just framing this one and maybe giving it to my mom as a gift. We'll see.


You may recognize this layout I did a while back of my son, Isaac. I thought I would show how having a two-page 12x12 layout looks when printed out! This was my first time getting a two-pager printed! I was a little nervous about whether I did it right for the pages to line up good. I got it SLIGHTLY off, but they'll be separated at least by a couple inches in the album (when I get one), so you really won't be able to tell. I actually made a few changes to this layout from my original before I had this printed. I am very happy with the results! Again, this printing companies quality is awesome!
Close-up of the tongue sticking out! Love it!! He cracks me up so much!

Portraits printed

These are some pictures we had taken of our boys back in April. Our photographer (website designed by my hubby! :-) put them all on CD for us so that I could get them printed myself. They turned out GREAT!!

This one I must have accidentally selected "metallic" finish, because it's a glossy finish with like a silvery glow to it. Even though I ordered this finish by accident, I think it looks cool. I know you probably can't tell what it looks like by my bad picture I took of it, but it does look great in person!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Moxie Fab Challenge: Fun & Cute

Here is my card for the fun & cute challenge. I used different colors. I didn't expect to use these colors together. But they turned out ok. So nothing too special about this card, I tried to make it have that "cute & fun" appeal.

On another note, my baby boy turned 11 months old yesterday!!!! One. month. away. from. one. year. old. I CANNOT BELIEVE my baby is no longer my tiny little baby anymore! It's so hard to believe that I have one month to plan for his 1st birthday, and I haven't a clue what we're going to do! He has been walking sooo much lately, he's always so happy and smiley. He just does the CUTEST things ever! I am incredibly in love with this little man...

Thanks for stopping over today, hope you enjoyed my card/s. And for taking the time to share in my bittersweet joy of my youngest son growing up!

Very Merry ingredients:

  • Cardstock: all SU (not sure the names of all them), & the white is from walmart.
  • Stamps: All SU- Little pieces, short & sweet, snow angels, & polka dots & paisley
  • Ink: SU- Close to cocoa, white- craft, & versa mark
  • Tools & Accessories: Corner rounder, green check ribbon-walmart

Moxie Fab Stamping Challenge

Hello there ladies & gentlemen (haha, sorry, I'm kind of a dork today). Just dropping in to post a couple cards. I put these cards together really quick early this afternoon, I wanted to make sure and have these made before the challenges end this evening. This pink & cream one is for the stamping challenge over at Moxie Fab. I think my stamping groove has been gone for a while now. I don't like what I make anymore. :(

I took soo many different views of this card because I wanted to make sure my stamped snowflakes in the background show up. So if you can't tell you may have to click on the card to enlarge it to see all the detail. I stamped them with versamark so they're basically like a watermark on the card. It's more noticeable in person.

I really love these colors together, it's super plain and simple. Lately I find if I try and make cards that are too intricate and involved they end up looking like something that someone created with a blindfold on, haha! Sorry, I'm being too hard on myself I guess. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my card. And leave me some blog love (as some people call it, maybe I'm just being too nerdy today). Hope you're all having a terrific Labor day, my hubby is working so it just feels like any other week day to me. We looked at houses over the weekend, and lets just say, new things will be happening soon for us!! I am just praising God for that!!!

Joy ingredients:

  • Card stock: Very vanilla-SU
  • Stamps: All SU- Barouqe motifs, snowflakes, & small script
  • Ink: Pixie pink-SU & versamark
  • Accessories: Polka dot raspberry fizz PTI ribbon (I think), & glitter.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #16

Ok, I have one more card to share. Aside from the Moxie Fab challenges, I first created this card last night for Dawn's Challenge. Isn't it crazy that the holiday's are just around the corner? Making cards this early for Christmas and Thanksgiving is surely unusual for me, but I like it, and I think it's getting me excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Now the wheels in my head are turning on what to make for my Christmas card this year. With all these challenges and inspiration, and "practice" I've been getting in, maybe I will be able to come up with something and get it done early this year. Instead of being rushed and getting my cards out last minute as I always seem to do.

Aren't these colors so "fally" looking? Dawn sure knows how to pick them! She's so inspiring!
What do you think of my little birdie card? Oh, I found a stamp that I've had for YEARS, and decided to ink it up and get some use out of it! I thought I had lost it, but just recently came across it. It's the little floral background print. I'm not sure where it came from, but I think I got it as a gift for one of my birthdays one year, probably when I was a young teenager??
I don't normally make a bunch of Thanksgiving cards, since I am usually pretty stressed around the holidays just to make my Christmas cards on time. I sometimes just send a couple Thanksgiving ones out to a few people, but not always. And with this color scheme, I thought it made for a great Thanksgiving card. Oh, did I mention I now have some cream card stock now?? Yeah, I got a little "goodie" package in the mail! Thanks to my sis-in-law!
So here's the list of things I used:
  • Stamps: Little birdie by Inkadinkado, random floral clear stamp, polka dots & paisley-SU, & Occasions collection-SU
  • Cardstock: All SU- Chocolate chip, Very vanilla, More mustard(?), & kraft.
  • Ink: More mustard-SU & Dark brown-color box fluid chalk ink.
  • Tools & accessories: EK success corner rounder, chocolate chip grosgrain ribbon-su (I think), & cream colored sewing thread.

Stretch Your Holiday Style: A Classy & Elegant Challenge

This is the last card I made today. I think I really went out of my comfort zone with these challenges. This one is for the Classy & Elegant Challenge at Moxie Fab. I pictured using these colors together, I think the purple gives it a rich look, along with the yellow & gold. I really had a hard time figuring out a good layout for this card that would make it look good. I am still not sure if I like it that well. I do LOVE how beautiful and sparkly the snowflakes look with all that glitter on them! If that's not elegant, then I don't know what is!! haha! Can you tell I love glitter?? Haha!
I took a lot of pictures of this one as you can see! I wanted to make sure and show all that luscious glitter and my unique ruffled ribbon trim. It's different, I think I like it. I was trying to go for that ruffled ball gown sheer look, along with the gold satin ribbon! My pictures turned out a little dark, I tried to get it to show better with editing them, so I hope you can see the ruffle. Like I said, the card is different, and I'll have to think on whether I like it well enough or not. I am loving the color combo though!

So what'cha think?? Is it Classy & Elegant? Maybe it's too much, hmm. So yeah, out of my comfort zone. But it's fun doing that and trying new and different things. I think these challenges are really fun. And like they say "stretch your style challenge", I am sure stretching my style! :)

So here's what I used:
  • Stamps: All SU sets- Snowflakes, Small script, & polka dots & paisley
  • Inks: SU- Eggplant envy, more mustard, & versa mark
  • Cardstock: SU- Very vanilla, not sure the names of the two different purples used.
  • Accessories & tools: SU-glitter, random ribbon I've had for a while, not sure where I got it from, I think the gold bow came on a gift I got, EK success corner rounder (yes, I use it on almost EVERY card I make! Haha! Maybe I will eventually tire of it. Probably after I am able to purchase some cool edge punches I will set aside the corner rounder for while). :)