Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musings and a card

Good morning and Happy fall! (a day late). Does it feel like fall where you're at yet?? It sure has here! Rain and chilliness for almost 2 weeks straight- BUT just yesterday (the first day of fall) the sun came out and it was beautiful and warm out! But the more I realize fall is here, the more I am starting to get excited about it. (I love the change of each season as it comes, I don't think I could live somewhere where the seasons never change much). And it makes me long to go visit my home state, Michigan. I love, LOVE being there in the fall, going to the cider mill getting apples, cider, and doughnuts, YUM!! Raking the crisp leaves while there's a chill in the air. I soo miss that! I mean, we have most all of that here, but mostly just because of my childhood growing up there, I guess the nostalgia hits me. And it's just not quite the same here. Granted we DO have BEAUTIFUL fall colors that grace us on these beautiful mountains, so that makes up for it some.  Anyway, I need to stop with my rambling on. I'm trying out this new updated posting blogger now has. I'm trying something different.
So you'll have to let me know what you think. I wasn't going to post this card, because I didn't like it. I created it for the moxie fab "around the house challenge". I never posted it so I missed the deadline. But with a little encouragement from my dear friend, Maile, (I know I need a "push" every now and then! Thank you for that Maile!), I decided to go ahead and just post it anyway. So here it is. I didn't really have any stamps that had items that were for "around the house". But I don't know about you, but I would love to have that cake around my house right now (in chocolate, pleaseee!). Hehe!!

So, I didn't get around to getting the posts I intended to yesterday. I just got caught up in other things. And it seemed every time I went to go do it, something else came up. Along with my baby boy cutting the skin that connects from his top lip to his gum. It completely cut it apart and is disconnected now. It hurt me soooo bad just seeing it happen. I was soo worried, I just prayed and prayed, as it bled a LOT. He cried for quite a while. The bleeding finally stopped, and he was off playing away with his brother shortly afterward! So I just praise God for his protection and healing over him! Our God is an awesome God! Praise the Lord! So that was a heart wrenching moment for me. I absolutely hate when my babies get hurt. So as I intended to get a lot more done, it didn't happen. And the day came and gone, and I felt like I didn't accomplish much of anything. I'm really praying and trying to work better on being more organized and discipline myself to be on a better schedule and balance things out more. I need to spend more time with my baby boys while they're still young and not let this time pass me boy. Thanks for always listening (or rather, reading) to what I have to say. I know sometimes I just go on and on, but I guess I just like to express how I feel or what I'm thinking about things in my life. So I hope it doesn't annoy any of you (too much anyway :). I really do appreciate the time you all take to visit me here in my little blog world! Ha! Hope you have a terrifically splendid day!!

Once upon a time:

  • Stamps: Since I am too lazy to look up what the name of the set is, it is a cute wedding set from SU (if you really want to know, just ask me and I will look it up and let you know)- Update: the set is called "Fairy-Tale Wedding".
  • Cardstock: Very vanilla-SU & Chocolate chip-SU
  • Inks: More mustard, close to cocoa, pixie pink, and mellow moss (?)-SU.
  • Accessories & Tools: Corner rounder, pop up dimensional adhesive, SU ribbon (not totally sure if the yellow is SU or PTI, since it was given to me) & button, SU glitter, & sewing thread.


  1. Jessica!! This is fabulous, I love it!!! So very glad you posted it! I love how simple it is yet you have packed it full of fun details, right down to the perfect scalloped edge! Loving he color combo too! Cute cake stamp too (what ever its called... He,he!), it works perfectly for the challenge. Who doesn't want a chocolate cake in their house, some newlywed couples keep the cake tops in their freezers too.

    So sorry to hear about your little mans lip, I hate it when they get hurt and there's nothing you can do about it, you just feel so helpless. Good thing they are good about forgetting about it when they are having fun. We can thank the Lord for that!!!

    Got your email yesterday and you are the sweetest! Wow look at me, I'm afraid I've gone a little long. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. I think the card is adorable! And praise the Lord for healing Samuel (it was Samuel, right?)

  3. Well, thank God for Maile. :-) So glad you posted this, it's gorgeous. Dainty and pretty! :-)

  4. Praise God your little boy is ok! It is a scary feeling when your child is hurt or bleeding! My son was bit by our dog a couple of years, ago about a week after we went through a Hurricane. They said that the Hurricane might have put the dog under stress or something, anyway he was bit in the back of the head and we had to rush him to the hospital and he had 45 stitches! So I know what you mean about the bleeding! I was told that if you read or quote the scriptures Ezekiel 16:6, it will stop the bleeding. I don't know if it works, but I guess it doesn't hurt to read the scriptures anyway! :)
    Love the card too, so glad you posted it! :)


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