Thursday, September 10, 2009

Digital pages- printed

I had some of my digital pages printed from a company I heard about through Ali Edward's blog. It's called They've been having an awesome summer sale on their prints. $1.99 for a 12x12 print, FANTASTIC price!! So I really wanted to order some and to see how well I like their quality. And they DID NOT disappoint!! Their quality is GREAT!! My pages look so rich and deep in color, they really look like just how I designed them!! I have used this company in the past for printing my pages. While they have real good quality too, I have noticed slight color differences on some of my pages from when I design them and then have them printed from there. So I am more happy with's quality! There's always something rewarding about designing your own pages and then receiving them printed in the mail. It's an exciting feeling to see them in real life and to have them be tangible rather then on your computer screen! So yeah, I am really impressed with this company, and I SO wish I would have ordered more pages. I see that their 'sizzling summer sale' ends this Friday (bummer). I may be able to get in another small order, we'll see about that.

As you may recognize this page from a color challenge I did over at Dawn's blog. This was my first color challenge creation picked for in the spotlight! I LOVE this page, and even more so after I've gotten it printed! That chocolate background looks delicious printed, all the colors really turned out soo great and luscious!


  1. I remember seeing and loving this page!!! Looks fabulous in print! Hope you are having a wonderful day! I'm listening to "Three Little Birds" by Elizabeth Mitchell, on your blog. It's toooooo cute!

  2. I loved that page then, and I think I love it even more now! Those colors are amazing! Girl you are good! :)


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