Monday, September 21, 2009

More prints...

Helloooooo there!! Happy MONDAY!!! Sorry, I'm trying to make this gloomy weather we've been having (for ever now) more cheerful! It's made me real tired, yucky feeling and just poopy and slow too, I am NOT THAT OLD!! But seriously, the weather has been affecting me and how I feel these days. What's up with that?? Hmmm. I don't mind rain, but when it lasts and lasts and lasts and just leaves that chilly, damp, gloomy feel, it gets very old and I want SUNSHINE! I hate it when everything in the house feels all full of moisture, like the cereal boxes on the fridge when you get them down, they feel all damp (yuck), and my card stock and card supplies feels damp, I don't like that. I took some pictures today (of cards I've made over the week/end), cause I was tired of waiting for a nice day to take them. Well, It's just so gloomy and dark out for pictures, so I didn't get very good ones. So I will show those later, or I may just schedule posts throughout the week, since there are quite a few of them. But for now I thought I would share some more digital scrapbook pages I had printed through that company I mentioned a while back. Did I mention how much I love getting my pages in the mail?? It's so neat to see them in real life printed on a big sheet of photo paper!

This particular page I wasn't as impressed with (sorry for the bad glare from the flash). For some reason the pictures of my son turned out really dark looking. The pictures were a little on the dark side to start with, but I did edit them some. I also noticed that when I went to place this second order, it looked like the company changed some things, like their 12x12 prints look like they're $1.99 all the time now, but that's unedited, (which is fine with me because when you're doing digital usually I edit the coloring myself to get the colors how I like), but sometimes I guess I am not so good at it (still learning and working on this), so it may be partially my fault. They also offer professional color edited prints and it lists the various different prices and options. I still think it's a fab deal ($1.99 for a 12x12 page, most places are around $3.00+). So just make sure your colors are just how you want them if you're ordering the unedited prints through them, their quality is still great and the colors on all the elements and such that I put on the pages are real bright and great looking. And I'm not sure, it may have been the same way before when I placed my first order, and I may have just not noticed there were options. I just noticed that they made some changes on their site and their shipping I think changed a little this second time. But I still highly recommend this company.

I had another 2-pager printed, It turned out great! This is my busy fourth of July "flag" page! Ha!
I need to scoot, I have to go pick up Mr. Keller from work and then we need to pick up a few grocery items. I'll be back later on, I want to post something that was inspired by something Ali Edwards posted today.. she's always doing such encouraging and inspiring posts on documentation of her life.


  1. Jessica... your pages look great!! What gorgeous boys you have! Thanks for visiting me and leaving me some love! :) I too wish I had enough money to buy everything I would love to have to make cards... but... I don't know if there is enough money for that! I want A LOT! :)

  2. These are great Jessica! I love the pictures! :)


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