Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Card therapy

I needed some therapy today...and to me card making is relaxing and seems to calm me down when I've been having a hard time with things. And even though I was having to take care of my boys in-between, it stilled worked. So here's what I made...
I copied Dawn's design for this card.
And even though this is not exactly the same, I was inspired by another card Dawn made.


This is the card I made for my son's 3rd birthday. He turned 3 on the 18th. When you ask him how old he is now, he'll say "1..2...3!". He's so cute!

Sister's visit

My sisters stayed with me for a few days. I decided to get the stamping stuff out. They didn't seem too interested in making cards at first. But once I got it all out they seemed more motivated and ended up having quite a bit of fun! I was glad they enjoyed it!

Annie working on a card.

Piper working on her card.

Our projects

I made this book mark for my niece who has started her own book club. I was suppose to make her a book mark quite a while ago and kept forgetting to. So I finally got around to making her one. Her favorite color is yellow.

I posted these pictures earlier, and I forgot to mention, that the "H" on the bookmark is for her name, Hayley.
This is a card my sister Piper made! She made another really cute one but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.

This is a book mark my little sister Annie made. It isn't suppose to have splatters on it, I think when one of the stamps were getting cleaned on the scrubbin pad it sprinkled onto her bookmark. I felt bad that happen to it. But she didn't seem to care, she did a great job!

This is a card that Annie made also. The girls seemed to enjoy making cards. I was glad I finally got the stuff out to do it!

Virtuous Woman

This a page I did of my sister. I took some pictures of her on her 21st birthday and was excited to scrap them! So here is one page I've done so far. I'm really not sure if I like it well enough. So it may not stay like this.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here are a couple cards I made last week.
This butterfly one I gave to my sister for her 21st birthday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hey there my fellow bloggers/scrappers/family/friends etc.., I trust that you all had a very BLESSED EASTER weekend! We had a very pleasant day with family and relatives from out of state. Such a nice time and the weather was beautiful! I just want to say, I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful family who all loves and serves the Lord. I come from a big family and it's so nice having us all so close. I love my family so much! Also, I am SO thankful to God for sending us his son, Jesus to come to this earth and be a living sacrifice for us so that we may obtain eternal life through him! Praise his holy name, for HE IS RISEN!
Here below are some gifts I designed a little while back, enjoy!
This is a little digital thing I created as a gift for my step father-in-law. It's really simple and nothing too fancy. Sometimes when making something for some one else I seem to have a hard time finding the right words or phrases to put on my project, so I guess I ended up playing it safe. Anyway, you get the idea. Ha!

This is an 8x8 album I started for my mother-in-law over a year ago. I pretty much took my time on it and decided to just keep it up through my newest son being born and then up till this past March I ended it. But I plan to either add to it or do something with the same idea of capturing and documenting things on them for their Grandma to have since she lives several states away. I wanted her to have something that would help her to feel more closer to them and like she wasn't quite so far away. So, some of these pages that you'll see posted below are pages that I created a long time ago, and even though there are some I don't particularly like anymore, I ended up leaving a lot of them as is, but some I just had to change cause it was bothering me too much! Anyway, the pictures are taken with the pages placed in the sleeves of the album, so I'm sorry for the glares on several of the pages. This whole album was created digitally as 8x8 pages and then printed through Good Life Photo, they do such a great job! The cute little album is by Fancy Pants Designs and ordered from Scrapbook.com
I had wanted to do something special for the little window in the front of the album, but nothing came to me so I decided to keep it super simple and just put a black and white photo of the boys in it. Again, I tend to have such a hard time finding the right words or phrases to put on my gifts when designing for someone else. This is something I am hoping to improve in and learn more about. But we all have to start somewhere, right?! Anyway, hope you enjoy looking through the album!

Pages 1-7



Some of these pages I look at and just have to smile at myself, I designed some of these a long time ago and didn't bother to make many changes on some of them. So even though I may not like them and they are not my style anymore, I still like them knowing that that's what I liked then or what I knew to do then. Anyway, they're all precious cause they have my son in them!

Pages 24-31

Last 8 pages

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge 3

Yet another color challenge by Dawn. I'm getting mine out a little late as I didn't get much of a chance till late tonight to work on this. It has been fun doing these! It helps me open up and go out of "my color box" and experiment with colors I wouldn't normally think of. I love to play with new colors! Again, I did a digital page. I didn't have all the colors on hand for making a card so digital was the way to go for me! Thanks Dawn for keeping this exciting and challenging for us!
Note: I had to edit this and then repost it because I had forgotten to do some things to it when I originally posted. So for some reason after you edit a picture in blogger and then repost it you can't click on it to enlarge it to see it's detail. So you can click HERE to see a larger image of this page

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yesterday's cards

I made a few cards yesterday. It's been snowing here, yeah in April, in the SOUTH, what's up with that? Anyway, it's kind of relaxing to just stay in and huddle inside and make a few cards... when you don't have your little ones crying and needing you. But that's life, huh!?
Also, I got a package of goodies in the mail from my sister in-law, so that inspired me even more! Thank you Christina!

This cute little card is actually an Easter card, I don't have any stamps that are for Easter, so just thought I'd make it look springy and cheery. I got the Martha Stewart butterfly punch that everyone seems to be using a lot. At first I thought it was really small, but then after using it more, I thought it was just the right size for cards, it's so cute and fun to use!

Color Inspiration #48

Colors: Chocolate chip, baja breeze, kiwi kiss, & white. I'm really liking my Martha Stewart butterfly punch!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Ok, so this may not be too exciting to some of you and you may think it's no big deal... AND I don't mean to gloat by any means... BUT, I just wanted to say that I made it in the Spotlight over at Dawn McVey's Raspberry Suite color challenge 2! (You can see my name [Jessica Keller] listed number 2 (Or B) and my digital layout I did for it!). There was some great entries for this challenge and again, the colors were some of my favorites! This was only my 2nd entry in a color challenge ever and my first time making it in the spotlight! So, yeah, it's exciting to me!! *SMILES BIG*