Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sewing projects

Hello! I'm sharing a few projects here that I had mentioned in a before post. I tackled and completed one today and began the other one.
This fabric below is what I used for....

 This boppy pillow! I found a pretty easy pattern to follow that I purchased here, and had this sewn up in no time! This fabric pretty much has all the colors I love in it.

 The underside is a lighter green to coordinate with the shades of green in the printed fabric.

 It didn't totally turn out as perfect as I wanted to. But because the pattern is like a "sham cover" it's something you slip onto the pillow (no zippers or velcro) so it got pretty wrinkled looking by the time I got it on the pillow.

 Here's the fabric I showed the other day.

 Of which I am making a quilt out of! Which I found an awesome step-by-step tutorial on this blog... That I think I may actually be able to make!!! (I am not a quilter or a very good one by any means).
Here are six of the colors cut in strips. I'm not totally decided on whether or not I'm going to use the other two that I decided to hold off on cutting. When I purchased the fabric they were out of stock on several of the prints I really wanted. So I threw in the last two, but I wasn't totally fond of them. So I'm thinking I may wait until the fabric I really want to go with this is in stock or if I can find it elsewhere.

I'll show more on this as the project progresses! Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas tree 2009

My previous page I did with these photos really just wasn't me or something about it didn't strike me, so I redid them and turned it into a two pager since I had more photos I wanted to use.


I ordered some material for a project I'm wanting to do. I have another one I'm going to be working on soon as well... I'll show some on that later.

Our little family

Hello there! I'm finally getting some scrapping done! YAY! (into the late hours, eek!!). I am so thankful I had these pictures on an abandoned layout that I never really did anything with, they were just thrown on the blank paper document to be scrapped. And if it wasn't for that, I would not have these pictures. These were among the ones that we lost. So I am so happy to scrap them!! I had already messed with the sizing and editing of the photos way back when, so I couldn't do much to them far as that. So they were a little amateur on that part. Haha! But anyway, all the same.. here they are!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First day of school

Here is a page I created a few months ago. I had scrapped it several different ways and then got frustrated with it and left it. So I just recently got it up again and realized I kind of liked it! Ha! So with a few "tweaks" I finished it. Maybe I need to do that more, leave a page that's not going well or I don't like and then come back to it later and maybe I'll like it better!