Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two pages

Here are a couple pages I've made. This one I did today (well, it's like the middle of the night, so yeah, tonight! Ha! yeah, I am guilty of pulling late-nighters!). I have really been struggling with digital scrapping lately. And I really am not sure why. It's like I want everything to turn out perfect and I want to use a lot of pictures if I have a ton I've taken from a certain day or event. Like of my son when he turned 8 months old, I took a lot of pictures that day... To me I loved most every picture and find myself wanting to scrap most of them, because they all mean so much to me! I know they say to try and scrap just a few of your favorite pictures and the ones that tell the story.. Well, to me when they're pictures of my children, and I have soo many pictures of them from a certain day, using a lot from that day tells the story to me and means a lot to me. I don't know, maybe I'm a little weird. But anyway, I tried and tried and redid and redid this page.. I put a ton of pictures together on a two-page spread, I laid them out to display them all, I tried so many different things. And what did I come up with?? I decided to break them up and make several different pages from that ONE day! So here is the first page, and this is from the first part of that day. I kept the two-page spread which I may just make some modifications to it, and possibly keep that one, but we'll see. I am just undecided, as I often find myself. I really have this little battle with myself sometimes.. Like "Jessica, just get over it and do it, years from now it's not going to matter how they were scrapped or laid out, but that you DID in fact scrap them and it tells the story". Or "quit being indecisive and just come up with something already!". Haha, yeah, I just need to get out of the slump I have seemed to be in for a while now. I think part of it is that I have this yearning to do some traditional and hybrid scrapping, like I want to play with elements and PAPER and be able to touch and feel and just be able to create with tangible items! But, I am not able to do that at this time.... Scrapping can be soo expensive! But for now, I am VERY thankful and blessed that I am able to digi scrap! I just need to learn to manage my time better and not waste so much of it not deciding on what to do or worrying that it won't turn out. Seriously, if I didn't do that so much, I would be scrapping and whipping those pages out WAY FASTER! Anyway, enough with my rambling.. I don't mean to be such a bore. So without further ado, here are my pages..This one will have text on the bottom where the orange paper is. I still need to work on that a little more. So for now this is just the page without the journaling. I most likely won't show it with the journaling, but you get the idea.

And this page I actually did about a week or so ago. I wasn't certain I liked it well enough. But then it kind of grew on me. I thought maybe it was too cluttered looking. I am really liking the idea of a two-page spread lately. The latest Creating Keepsake's magazine has a lot of these in it and it is inspiring. I like that you can get a lot more photos on it and allow enough room to journal, I always seem to have a problem with not allowing enough room for me to journal. But I wasn't certain I liked the fact that when I have them printed as two separate pages that it will cut my baby's face in half, and if I store them in a ring binder there will be a pretty big gap between the pages, soo, I wonder what that will look like? Has any one else run into that problem? Or does it turn out okay?
Ok, so now I HAVE to go to bed!!! I should have HOURS ago! Bad me! Hopefully I'll be live enough to take care of my boys in the morning! Good night dearies!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Color Inspiration #54

Another color inspiration from Kristina Werner. I haven't participated for one of her challenges in a while. I really like these fun and cheerful colors so I thought I would play along!
I needed some birthday cards for two of my nephews, so I thought using these colors for their cards would be lots of fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free 2 week photo editing class by Jessica Sprague!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you about this awesome class that Jessica Sprague is offering for FREE! All you have to do is sign up between June 22-28. It begins July 6th. And once you've signed up and the class begins, you'll get daily emails with info and how to access everything offered for this class! And the other cool thing is, is that you can do it at your own pace, you'll be able to access the info anytime forever! You don't have to be at the computer any specific time or date to have to participate. So be sure and note the dates for signing up so you don't miss this awesome opportunity! Because we all could use some inspiration and help with making our photos look all the more fabulous! I know I could use it! And Jessica is always so great at teaching and explaining things and showing how, she makes it so easy! Click the image to be directed to her site for all the info on this!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #8

I wasn't sure I was going to play along with this challenge this time. But I decided I would. I actually tried making a card last night, but was not liking the results of anything I came up with. Finally decided to go to bed and give it a rest. I just haven't felt the creative juices flowing lately and I don't know what the deal is. I soo badly want to create and make things, but the creativity just isn't there right now. Anyway, I know this is super last minute. But today I made this card, and still was having trouble coming up with an idea, so I pretty much copied a card I made a while back. It's not the exact same but pretty close! Also, I'm not certain I have the pink shade right. Dawn said that it is a bright pink, different looking from what the picture showed somewhat, to me it looks like a deep rose color in the picture that she put up. Anyway, I just used what I had, I am running low on most of my favorite colors of card stock. :(
Blogger has been stupid tonight and uploading super slow. So I am hurrying to get this up! So enjoy!
I posted this in such a hurry last night that I didn't say all I wanted to about this card. I also wanted to mention that not only did I copy a card I had made a while back, but the original card (second one down) was inspired by a card that Dawn actually made. So I didn't want anyone thinking it was totally my original design. I normally never copy any one's ideas when I do a color challenge. But as I mentioned above, I just haven't felt the creative juices these days. So I just copied something I really like (but like I said it's not exactly the same and I added my own things to it, like sewing the button on and adding the scalloped edge). I didn't purposely do it just because it was originally inspired by Dawn and because it was for her challenge either. And I almost didn't do this one for it just because of that, because I didn't want anyone thinking I was trying to increase my chances of getting in the spotlight. I totally never think like that! Every time I've been in the spotlight it has been truly an honor and blessing! And I don't expect to be picked this time, I just play along to have fun as I always do! So just wanted to mention that! Oh, and in this first picture I know the card looks like it's crooked or at a slant, it was because I had it sitting on a spot on the chair (my prop for my cards) where it slopes in a way so I think it made it look crooked, the actual card isn't really crooked! Ha!

On another note, my baby boy turned 8 months old yesterday!! I can't believe how fast time has gone and how he's such a big boy and wants to keep up with his big brother! I love him SO much! You can see our little photo shoot we had outside below
this post..

8 month photoshoot

So we went outside to take some pictures of Samuel on his eighth month birthday! He had fun picking the grass and letting it tickle his feet!

Me and my big 8 month baby boy!! I still can't believe he's eight months old!

Isaac playing his guitar. I couldn't get him to come and get in many of the pictures, he just wanted to do his own thing. He's my handsome!

A few more..

Sweet brother kisses.
A pretty red rose in our front yard.

A pretty pink one!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Grad + new hat

Happy first day of June!!! I trust you all had a wonderful weekend! We stayed home and just hung out as a family, nice and relaxing.. a lot of outdoor play and walks, it's sooo beautiful out! And a little hot! I did mow the lawn on Saturday and got a pretty sweet sunburn! Hehe!
Anyway, here's a few things I created yesterday and today! Enjoy!
I needed a graduation card so I threw this together real quick... well maybe not real quick, but it wasn't too complicated as you can see, ha! I've had those chipboard letters for a really long time now and have not used them, as with a lot of the things I have, I have a tendency to hold on to things for the perfect project or when I totally ready and have a great idea for it! Ha! Well, I find myself never using certain things, so I figured I better just get out of that and use them for crying out loud!

My son got a new hat in the mail today from his uncle Jacob & Grandpa. Isaac's Grandpa makes bikes, which are really awesome! Here's his blog http://bobkellerframeworks.blogspot.com/. My husband did the font/logo for the decals for his bikes and he had some hats made with the logo on them. So now Isaac has one of them in his very own size! Pretty cool! I also got my July issue of Creating Keepsakes today!!! And LOVED so many layouts in it (Seriously, it's chock full of great layouts and ideas!) that it got me excited to scrap!! So I right away used the idea from page 89 for the pictures I took of Isaac today! It's rare that I actually do a layout the same day I take the pictures! It's lots of fun! Because then it's all fresh in your mind and you know what you want to say.. for the most part anyway, ha!
Today was a fun day for getting things in the mail, my husband got his new shoes he's been waiting for too, so we all got a little something exciting, I love mail days like that! (I'm crazy, I know!).