Saturday, September 12, 2009

Super dumb moment... *red with embarrassment*

Ok, So I made a couple cards last evening and finished up some on 9/11. Even my son Isaac had some fun and made his own little mini cards (which are very cute). I took pictures of all of them to share with you all today...
The sunlight was coming in the living room beautifully, and I wanted to take advantage of the nice lighting. (I normally take my cards outside to get photos, but I've been trying different things in the house).
So I set my cards up.
Took pictures.
Lots of pictures.
Had to keep baby hands away. (Which were being so cute and wanting to grab everything).
Snap. snap. snap.
Done with photos.
Went about the rest of my day.
Hubs came home.
I started making pizza. (I had to have him bring home most of the ingredients before I could start it).
We ate, watched the rest of The Devil Wears Prada.
Got boys ready for bed.
Went outside to get dried sheets and bedding out of the dryer (yeah, my washer and dryer are outside).
Ran inside fast because I was scared of a noise that we've had on our roof for the last couple evenings (we have a tin roof, so you can hear anything on it).
Normally when we hear the tin, it's from the wind blowing really hard and whipping against it.
Well, there hasn't been any wind.
So what is on our ROOF?????
Yeah, scary!! I keep freaking out thinking if I look out the window they'll be little beady eyes starring at me. (ok, I'm really scaring myself now!!).
So all boys in including hubby are sound asleep.
I go into my "late night, blog hopping, wasting time, thinking of creating, wishing I had more things to create with, wanting to order so much stuff, can't afford it though, getting ideas, wasting more time, late night zombie owl mode. (even though I REALLY need to be in bed).
So then I remind myself "oh yeah, I took pictures of my cards today, I should put those on the blog".
Look at the camera, and then look up on the top of the desk, and realize...
are you ready for this???
The memory stick was lying up there.
All that time I was taking pictures with an empty camera!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Can I have a BIG "Jessica is a dork" cheer!?!
So, thought I'd share that bit of info with you, just in case you ever wonder just how much of a nerd I am!!
Now, I want to make some cards. And there is a dog barking outside. Still thinking about that scary critter that could be living on our roof.
Thinking maybe I should just go to bed.
12:51 am
Ok, I am leaving blog world now.
How many of you think I'm a really weird person now?? LOL!! Seriously, I am laughing at myself.
Maybe this is what over tiredness does to a person, or just to me??? :/


  1. Ok, If you are wierd, so am I! You sound like me, with the running when you hear a noise. I won't go outside in the dark by myself! And I also think, if I look outside I might see someone looking at me! Too much Twilight Zone growing up! :) I have tried taking pics without the card, but it tells me there is no card, so I have to go get it! :)

  2. Hey Jessica! Thanks for the congrats! I want to encourage you to at least try and submit, your cards and layouts are great! Don't let the lack of supplies stop you! I'm limited to some of my supplies too, I just try and make what I have, work! I think it make you even more creative! Just try! :)


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