Thursday, May 5, 2011

birth and beyond

Hi there, I've been wanting to share some links on homebirth/natural births and such. Mostly just because I've been watching so many women's birth videos and reading different stories, just because I find if interesting and like to find out anything new or to give me more insight on things. And because I am nearing my due date in just 6 weeks! I find it fun to look up these things to help me to prepare again (mentally) for sometimes what is the "unknown" when you have a child. All births are different and sometimes it's hard to know what to expect. If any of you are uncomfortable with seeing/reading about women giving birth and showing some nudity, I do not suggest you click on these links or watch them. Some of this is touching to me and almost every time I watch another ones birth or read about it I cry. Almost every time when the baby is born and the mom is holding it in complete joy and triumph, like angels are singing Hallelujah! Gets me every time. Ha! I think every woman's birth story is amazing no matter where or how you gave birth. Some I know are tragic and my heart goes out to those that have struggled. I in no way force any opinions or beliefs I have, but rather I like to be educated and informed.

These videos I think are so beautiful-

Here is an interesting article written by a midwife-

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