Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Beginnings

Hello my dear friends!
I have decided to give the whole blog thing another try. I realize that no matter what people may think or do that I still am me and I still enjoy and love scrapping and just being creative... Be it that I am not as good as so many out there, but I still love doing it. Maybe I'm not the best but I can still have fun and enjoy it and not worry about what other people think. We all are different and I am learning to like who I am, and how I do things, and what I like. I want to do things that are me and not someone else. And if I seem to do things or "copy" someone else, it is because I am inspired by them!
I Have a tendency to be somewhat of a perfectionist and if it's not perfect to my standards I worry other people will be critical of it. I am always growing in my tastes and likes. As I know we all are. I need to except me and not worry whether someone is going to like the way I do things.
I LOVE my two sons SO VERY MUCH! They are everything to me. So you'll see a lot of them on here as I scrap them the most! Children are SO MUCH FUN to scrap, they bring such character, joy, energy to everything! It's amazing how much a child can light up a page! But as I have named my blog "Scrapping. Photos. Life." you will see many other things I enjoy doing and maybe things that I will venture into, may be scary, but just bare with me! As this is a new day, a new hour, a new beginning...
So here I go!!

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