Thursday, February 12, 2009


Sorry this is so small. I had a hard time with my sizing. Anyway, this is a card I made for my Grandpa for his birthday.

This is a "peom" (trust me, I am NOT a poet, I know there may be improper grammer and such in this, it's more of just how I feel and what I remember, so try not and be too critical of it).or more like a letter to my Grandpa about the memories I have from being a child. I normally wouldn't post something like this, mostly because I really don't like my handwritting, some days it's better than others, and well, today it was not looking so nice. But I figured I need to start humbling myself and like who I am and how I do things. And just to show a kind of neat idea when sending someone a birthday card or any kind of card for that matter. Just to write a little poem or note to that person that would make it even more special. My Grandpa lives in another state so I hardly get to see my grandparents as often and I'd like, and they're getting older and I would like to see them soon, I miss them.


  1. What a sweet poem! I love it! *drying tears* I think it's so sweet that you wrote that. And you know what? I love your handwriting! I don't ever think it's messy or anything like that. Thank you for sharing this card on your blog. xoxo

  2. Aww, thanks Christina! Love you!


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