Friday, November 11, 2011


My grandma passed away last week. Thursday, November 3, 2011. 
We just got back yesterday evening from driving up to Michigan for the funeral. It was the first time our entire family was together in years. While I can't stop thinking about how much Grandma would have loved to be there with us all together, and how much I wanted to go there and just have her be there and be able to do the fun things we did with her, and to tell her I love her so much, and to get one of her warm squishy hugs. The shock of her really being gone is so unfathomable to me. I miss her dearly. The past couple of weeks have been so emotionally hard for me and the rest of the family. While we all knew Grandma was old and didn't know how much longer she had, we just weren't ready for her to go (how can you ever be?). To realize that a person that has been a constant through out your entire life is gone and it is so hard to deal with that fact. You feel like your grandparents are always going to be there, like they can't die, you want them to live forever. But what's reality can be heart breaking. Everything has seemed like a whirlwind these past 14 days. 
All I can say is, I have a hole in my heart, a part of me is gone, someone that brought so much laughter and joy to my life is gone. She was such a fun and witty little grandma. The many times she'd take us to Frankenmuth when we were little, and the times she'd joke around with us, I will cherish these memories, for it's all I have to hold on to. I can't stop thinking how I just wish I would have called her more, and would have called her just a few days before it all happened when I thought to. Wished I would have held her more each visit we had with her, and told her how much I love her. The only thing that can help me through this is God's comfort and peace. He's the only reason we can get through these times.

Grandma I love and miss you beyond words!

In memory of Letha Luella Furnish

I threw this layout together quickly to have on display at her funeral.

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