Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friendship is a beautiful thing

Hi there & happy Sunday to you! Today I had a little free time to do a page. I've actually tried scrapping these pictures about 5-6 times in so many different layouts... I've tried templates, in color and so forth. As much as I wanted to keep these pictures in color, it wasn't working for me. So sepia tone is the way to go! Ha! Seriously, once I changed them to that, the page pretty much just fell together. I wasn't limited to what colors I could use and I could just be free! That's how it felt! Like the colored photos were crippling me! Ha! And I really, really, liked the colored ones too! But none the less, here they are!

Again making use of the Forest Explorer kit. Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday!!

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  1. I really like it and all of the colors!! I so know what you mean about changing a picture to sepia or BW! It can make a world of difference! - Bek


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