Thursday, April 14, 2011

Projects + Progress

Hey there!!
I finally have some pictures of something to share! Ha!
I'm trying to get these posted before I fall asleep! I am dead tired! Anyway, I have several little projects going right now and others that I'd like to begin.
I purchased some yarn from here a while back. So here's what I'm doing with it!

 This yarn above is some I just bought thinking of possibly making baby hats or booties or something out of. We'll see if I can master any of those! as I'm a beginner with knitting!

With this yarn, I'm doing a baby blanket! The colors are white and sweet potato! I love orange right now! And thought this would work fine for either boy or girl! This is the yarn I'm using.

 First several rows knitted! I love working with this yarn! It's SO soft! I'm making this knowing that there will be little mistakes along the way. But with this being my first major knitted project, I'm okay with that! And since this is such an easy stitch to do and nothing complicated, it's just the same knit throughout the whole blanket, I wasn't too scared to dive into it! The pattern for it is Here. I love that blog for inspiration! And since I've joined Ravelry, I've really been inspired and love all the free patterns and helpful tips I can find on there!

I have discovered that one thing that's really slowing me down with this project are that my hands and arms have been going numb and get very painful. I loose feeling and it starts to tingle and ache so bad!! Which really bums me out! Cause I really could get this done much faster if it weren't for that! So I've been praying through this project!

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