Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scrappers block and links...

Wow, yeah, it's true, I seriously think that's what I've had... It's been a LONG time since I've posted anything. So much as gone on in my life these days. I guess I sometimes I feel guilty if I spend too much time on the computer trying to scrap instead of taking my role as a mother. So I try and put off the things that are "me time" during the day so that I can spend the time with my children or take care of things around the house.... However, when I have gone to scrap or take time, nothing has looked right to me, I am just not satisfied with anything I've scrapped lately. So I have come to the conclusion that I have scrappers block, and I sure hope it doesn't last any longer, cause I don't like it!
I know I don't have any pages to share with you, but I do have some links to some videos I think you might enjoy (especially you moms out there! ;).
This first one is taken from the "Love Story" song by Taylor Swift. So if you haven't seen her music video, you'll want to watch that first to get the full effect of where this take on it is coming from. I think it's just great and so funny, and true!! Haha!

And this one is just, well, plain HILARIOUS!! Haha!!
Trust me, you'll have this tune in your head after watching this!! :)
So I hope those give you a little laugh for the day!

I do hope to get back in the swing of things after I can bite this scrappers block off!! I just need to push myself. I've been looking at different peoples blogs for inspiration and I've had some ideas, I just need to put them into action!
Hope to be back with a post of something creative SOON!!

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  1. Just read your post and know what you mean by taking blog "breaks" to tend to your family! :) I do know that after a time off it feels so good to get back into the groove -- and don't you find your spirit soars when you are creating? We are created in God's image and He is the creator of all things, it's no wonder why we love to craft and find simple pleasure in this. I hope your scrappers block ends quickly and you can get back to your special creating! :) God bless,


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