Friday, March 12, 2010

You are my life

Hello there! How has your week gone? With the exception of celebrating my husband's birthday on Monday, my week was pretty uneventful... Mostly getting over the nasty thing that me and my oldest son had, and then my youngest son ended up getting it. So I've been having to clean up puke and diarrhea, my poor baby! I absolutely hate when my boys get sick. I am just praising God for healing them!
We did have GEORGEOUS weather this week, in the 60's & 70's! I loved it and the boys loved it!! They got to play outside quite a bit! I opened windows one day, and I even did some raking in our yard yesterday! (we have a lot of yard work ahead of us I've realized!). But I'm wondering if I got into some kind of poison oak or ivy or something, b/c I've been itching like crazy today! Hmmm.
So now it's rainy, chilly and nasty out... But that's signs of Spring, right??? I can't wait for thunderstorms!!

Plans for a garden have been dancing around in my head lately.... I need to do some research and figure out what all I need to do to have a successful garden, I don't want to have it all die on me!
This is a page I created last evening. When I was going through my digital supply stash for what I wanted to use on this page, I realized something.... I had purchased a kit quite a while back from Little Dreamer, and hadn't really used it yet. When I was looking through the folder I have with the digital papers in it, I realized that I didn't have all of the papers that it showed in the set, I then realized I hadn't downloaded the whole set since I purchased it! So all this time I only had part of it! I'm kind of a dork! I felt like an idiot! I was like "duhh, Jessica that's why I didn't have all the stuff that came with it". I know every time I went to that folder and wanted to use the stuff out of it, it seemed it was lacking, and maybe another reason why I was just not getting any good ideas for using what I had of it! So after that moment of stupidity, I downloaded the rest of the set and got to work on this page!! There is a lot of stitching on this page, and I like that!! I am just really into stitching lately! If you haven't noticed?! Ha!

Anyway... I FINALLY got my March/April issue of CK today (since when have they combined the months??? are they going to do that from now on so there isn't as many issues???) I don't think I'm that crazy about that idea. Anyway, so much has seem to change with that magazine, and I can't say I'm extremely impressed with all I've seen recently... Hoping maybe they'll improve down the road. I do still love to get the magazine though. I have always been excited to get it and look through it for inspiration.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Praise God ya'll are feeling better! I LOVE this page! The colors are so pretty and what sweet pics! :)

  2. Hi there! Just surfed by on chance this afternoon and wanted to let you know I enjoyed my visit! Fellow scrapper (and CK subscriber) here ;) ~ I do the old fashioned paper-and-embellishment route ~ but we're all sisters, right? :D

    Have a great day, I'll be back again.
    xo Clew <)))><


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