Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Calendar-first 6 pages

Have you been saying "Jessica, come out come out wherever you are???". Okay, so maybe I haven't been missed that much. Sometimes I don't think anyone notices my absences that much.
Anyway, I have been busy with Christmas cookie baking and preparing packages to send out to family. Plus taking care of my boys. They've had a bad cough for over a week now. The kind where they cough so much, that they choke and turn blue!! Scares me half to death! I've been praying over them a lot.

So can you believe it's almost Christmas?? I am almost ready, but not. Still have some last minute shopping to do. I think we will do that tomorrow. My Christmas cards I designed and ordered came today. So I can finally send my cards out! Better late than never, huh?? I am really pushing it on time this year! And as much as I said I wasn't going to do that and let it happen, it did! Arrrggg! Anyway, life goes on. I got a few sent out today. But the bulk of them will go out tomorrow. So some will get there late. So anyway... Since I've been in hiding, and haven't created much, or anything that I can share right now. I thought I would share the first 6 pages of the calendar I designed and ordered for my mom-in-law. She got it the other day and loved it! So now I can show it!

Here is January-June

My hubby^ when he was a cute little boy!


  1. Jessica, but I miss you. These are great! You are one talented lady! Hope your boys are better. Things are busy, busy here too. My mother in law comes tomorrow and I have cranberry-orange-apricot bread in the oven. Mmmmm!

  2. Jessica, these calendar pages are so beautiful! You are so creative! We opened your Christmas card today. I like what you did!


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