Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow 12-19-09

Gasp!!! Two posts in one night! Am I back??? Maybe, no promises. Not that I was gone, but you know, just so busy. I'm sure after the holidays things will settle down for me. But then, I will be working on doing things in my house, like painting, decorating, buying furniture and so forth! It will be fun!! I have some plans for my bathrooms. I'll most likely post pictures of before and after shots of my work on them!
Soo anyway....

On Friday the 18th a big snow storm came through. leaving us a land of white! It was beautiful!
The next day we went out and had some fun in it! There was anywhere from 6-12 inches. We heard they got about 2 feet where we use to live!

Building our snowman.

So the next things on my list of things to get are: Snow boots, snow pants and a sled. Poor Isaac just had shoes and they kept getting stuck in the snow and coming off! We still have all of the snow, it's all frozen and not so bright and fresh looking anymore, you know how snow looks after it's been around for a few days. Maybe we'll get a fresh coat for Christmas to make it look all pretty again! I'm loving it! It's making it feel like Christmas, and makes it warm and cozy feeling in the house!


  1. How fun!!! We had a surprise this morning, a dusting of snow, only about an inch but it wasn't expected.

  2. How fun! I sure wish we had more snow, next year we are going to Colorado for Christmas. So then we will have a white Christmas! Have a very Blessed Christmas! :)


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