Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 years of life

Okay, honestly, I'm not sure if I like this page. I really am not too crazy about the last few pages I've done lately. But one thing I know is, that at least I'm scrapping them and getting them done! But I do want to like my pages and have a purpose for why I'm scrapping them. But I figure even if I get the things scrapped now and get them done with, I can always come back to them another time and redo them if I have a better idea for them.

This was from my birthday in December. I have more from that day, but I think I will scrap those on another page, or two. One thing I love about digital scrapping is it's soooo versatile and you can pretty much do whatever you what!! Redo it, and not have a torn up mess. You can change the colors of anything to have it match your layout, resizing anything you want whatever size you want, and if you have pictures from a certain day or event you can make multiple pages, (not that you can't do that with traditional), but it's just so much fun and easy! And who says you only have to have one page from that day?? Oh, the possibilities are endless!
P.S. this is my first time blogging from Picasa... Yeah, seriously, the FIRST. I've wanted to use Picasa so bad in the past but I could NEVER get it to work for me when I wanted to blog from it. So I just haven't tried in a really, really long time. So it's working now! Yay! But I don't notice as many options I normally have when going through regular blogger... Am I not noticing everything?
Dreamland is calling my name! Goodnight!
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  1. I think your pages have been great! I've really liked them! And I really like this page, too! I love the colors! That patterned paper is super cool!


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