Monday, January 4, 2010

Home remodeling- Part 1

Hello there and Happy 2010!!!! Wow, it's crazy to think we're already to '10! I hope you all did something fun to ring in the new year! We had a little party here at our house with family and a couple friends, lots of yummy snacks and fun games! I feel like I'm still living in last year and I need reality to hit! I feel so behind and have so many things I want to do! I really want to get back into scrapping and making cards again too!! Yes, I said "making cards!!" I have had a craving to make them again! I knew it would come back some time! I know I still have my "Merry Christmas" banner up, I guess I should do something about that. I think I am having a hard time letting go of the fact that Christmas has come and gone already. I feel like we go through so much fuss and stress to have things "just so", and perfect and pretty looking. Only to have it gone in what seems just minutes! Time goes far too fast these days! Does that mean I'm getting older??? My birthday was on December 13th, I guess I didn't mention that before. Yeah, I turned 26. I know I am still so young! And I don't want to feel old or say that I feel old. I should be thankful for my youth! But sometimes I don't feel very young. So anyway, enough rambling on... I think a new year makes me feel like I want everything nice and fresh and new and to start things over or at least start new goals! I have so many goals I want to reach this year! And for now, I thought a newly painted room was a good start! Soo, We've been doing a little "remodeling" in our home. Over the weekend Matthew and I decided to paint our livingroom. So here are the before pictures...

Our whole house is painted the same color, cream walls with white trim. It makes the house look more open and spacious, but I like to personalize it to my liking and make it look more like "us". My favorite thing about this house is all the wonderful white trim we have! It looks great when you had a color up to it!

So this is the other end of the room before painting.

And here are the beginning stages of the painting. Matthew cutting in..

Me trying to cut in.. I am really awful at it! So I leave it to my husband! We both dislike cutting in but he's better at it then I am! I prefer rolling!

First wall finished!
The color is called "Milk Chocolate!". It really does remind me of a milk chocolate shake from McDonald's! Does it make you want chocolate now?

Working our way to the rest of the room...

Finished room in the daylight! We stayed up until 4:00 am finishing it!

This is just the beginning stages of our remodeling the room. We will eventually get a new couch, and some other furniture, a rug and new curtains. We'll also be repainting our trim to freshen it up, it's stained a little yellow, I did wipe it all down, which made it look a lot better, so it's fine for now. But the fireplace bricks and hearth we'll be painting white soon. Those are really stained yellow.

I'm having Mr. Keller redo the built in shelves for me. Mostly just that decorative thingy will be torn out and he'll make something more my style, and the little cupboard doors will be redone, they're really poorly done.

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  1. We remodeled about 7 yrs. ago and painted all cream, now we are wanting color! But we plan on building a new house hopefully this year, so I really don't want to put the money into this house! Yours looks great! I love that color! :)


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