Saturday, July 17, 2010


Here is a page I created this evening. It was a lot of fun to create! Sometimes if I have an idea fresh in my mind I have to scrap it right away, otherwise I forget my thoughts on what I wanted to do and express in the layout.
I love this picture of Samuel. This is one of SEVERAL consecutive pictures I took of him on this lounging chair, I want to scrap the others... I'll have to figure what I'm going to do with those to have them go along with this page. Using the different words to describe his character was a lot of fun! I could have added more, but didn't want to overdo it. I really wanted to use the word "exuberant" instead of "energetic", but it didn't look as good as "energetic" looks in that place. So, unless I think of some other way to put it on there or maybe on another page, I'll just leave it as is for now.

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