Monday, July 26, 2010

Batter Up!

Here's a layout I created of Isaac from last year when he learned how to hit a ball with a bat.
Sometimes, my pictures don't turn out good, or I have my camera set on the wrong setting when I want to snap something real quick to capture the moment. So sometimes, all I have to show for certain moments is a blurry or less than perfect picture. And if that's all I have, I will use it to scrap! I've learnt (the hard way), to cherish (not that I didn't) each and every single picture I do have to show for my children's life. After loosing thousands upon thousands of photos, each picture I do have of them, mean SO SO much to me.

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  1. Was on the computer today and just happened to come to your blog. You have some really, REALLY great pages. Will visit you again!!


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