Monday, August 9, 2010

Indecisive= two pages

I figured after 5 + years I better get our wedding photos all scrapped. So I am on a quest to accomplish that feat. 
I first created the page below... Because I was struggling with whether I liked it or not, I got a second opinion. My husband's (which sometimes can be a mistake) and he didn't like it so well. And I wasn't sure I totally liked it.

So along came page #2. (shown below). I got this one created and then had the two side by side and asked him which one he liked better. He said "hmm, I don't know, maybe I like the original one better now, I really don't know". And, I wasn't completely certain either. I like them both in different ways. I even asked my 4 year old son which one was his favorite, he at first said he liked the first one. And then he said he liked them both. So I asked him again to make a final decision and he said the first!! Ha! I don't always ask opinions on my pages, cause if I really like it and am settled, then I leave it, but if I'm uncertain, I guess I like another's opinion!

I like how this one shows more of the pictures whereas the top page cuts some of the images off. I tweaked and messed with them on the first page to try and show as much of the photos I could. So I am still undecided. I like the simplicity of this last one, but then I like the "funess" (if that's even a word!) of the first one!!! AHHH!!! I spent way too much time on these I think. I hate when I get stuck in a rut when scrapbooking. I have worked off and on on these for a few days now and I think I just need to leave them both alone, and come back to them some time from now... and we'll see which one I actually end up printing!!! :) Maybe I'll change them altogether! That's the fun of digital, you can change anything!! But not always good for me because I have such a hard time making a decision at times!! And really the two pages aren't too different from each other. Ones just sideways and the other horizontal with a little more simplicity.
I guess because these pictures are of our wedding, I am really picky at how I want them to be. So that's part of my problem.

For both of these pages I used:
And for the top page I also used:


  1. I like them both! Ha! I would have a hard time deciding which one I liked better.

  2. The first one is my favorite! I love the colors with everything! So pretty!!

  3. I like them both, but my taste is leaning more toward the 2nd page. It's just more my style rather than the top page. You did an awesome job designing either way. Love em!


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