Friday, August 27, 2010

Two pages

It's been fun being a part of Christina's creative team. These two pages feature her newest kit, Subtle Memories. It's a really pretty kit!
When scrapping, I love it when things go together smoothly and fast. Like an idea will pop in my head and then I can create it and it turns out great! Well, lately things haven't been going like that for me. It's been more of, scrapping, unscrapping, rescrapping, and then repeat. I do not like it when things go like that. Because even when I do come up with my final page, it still feels like it's missing something.

This page went together pretty smoothly. But there were several changes made.

This one, I think I tried 3 or 4 different ways, and then pretty much went back to my original and just tweaked it some. Ha!

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  1. Your pages turned out GREAT!! I just LOVE the one of you and Jackie!! The colors are perfect and the color of the pictures is perfect! AWESOME work!!


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