Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi there!!!!!

Hello everyone!!
Sorry I've kept some of you hanging and maybe even worrying. But I just wanted to pop in to let you all know that I am alive and well. I know I have not posted in WEEKS!!! Gasp!!! But things have been crazy here. We've been in the process of buying our new home and moving!! So my hubby and I have been packing and cleaning like crazy! I am up this late cleaning and packing. We closed on our house today!! We're officially home owners now!! Well, owners with a mortgage payment! Ha! We're moving in tomorrow Friday the 30th (well, actually today at this point). I wanted to post a picture to go with this post but our camera is out in the car and I don't want to go out in the dark to get it! So I am sorry for my absence. And I know I haven't commented on any one's blogs lately, I have checked different ones here and there quickly off and on. But I haven't taken the time to leave any comments. My mind is kind of cloudy and tired right now. So I am going to cut this short. I just wanted to get this out before our phone and internet will be shut off sometime tomorrow. We won't have internet access at our new home until Monday. Our house is all packed up and we're picking up the u-haul in the morning. A guy my husband works with is going to come and help us load everything up in the morning. Then he and another guy will help Matthew unload at the new house. I'm sitting on the floor while typing this. Our desk is all disassembled. My boys came down with colds so they were not feeling so great earlier today. So just be praying for them and us for smooth sailing tomorrow!! Thanks so much!! Hopefully I'll have some stuff to share sometime next week!! God bless you!!


  1. So excited for you guys! Hope all goes well, will definitely keep you all in prayer!

  2. Congrats on your new home!! I hope your boys will feel better soon!!


  3. Congratulations! My hubby and I bought our first house last year and it's just so fun!

    I know you are busy but there is a new Everything But The Kitchen Sink challenge up at Kelly's blog Hey Jen - just wanted to let you know there is a new Everything but the Kitchen Sink Challenge up over at Kelly's blog! I hope you can play along again -! I hope you'll be able to play again. You're card last time was one of favorites!

  4. Praying your boys are feeling better and settling in your new house! Congrats! :)


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