Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Samuel William- 1 year old

One more post for today! I know, I've had a lot. But I wanted to share this... So here is my sweet little son on his first birthday yesterday. He was having lots of fun picking up sticks and "tasting" them. He even picked up a dead caterpillar and tasted that too! I quickly got that from him and told him that was really yucky! He then had tiny little hairs on his mouth from the caterpillar! Ha! I still cannot believe a whole year has gone by since I went through that gruesome labor of having him! But he's sure worth it a million times over! (ok, so I probably would be dead after that! Since I thought I was going to die from just having him the one time!Ha!). He brings so much joy and delight to our lives, I can't imagine it without him. Happy birthday my sweet baby!

Here is the card I QUICKLY put together for him. Of course he can't read or really realize what the card is for, but I like to keep them for keepsakes. And he does enjoy getting cards, and then destroying his cards he gets. He just holds on to them and then kindly tears pieces off it!! Haha! This picture was taken after it had already been mangled by him and then rescued and salvaged the best we could. Haha! He had a great day though! EVER SO CUTE watching him blow his candle out! I think he's a pro now, since he got to do it twice in one week! He loves to blow on everything!! Including the sidewalk chalk and then taste it of course!

I also wanted to talk about the star paper I used on this card. It is actually paper that came from a book that my son Isaac has. Well his little brother (Samuel) tore it out one day. And as I was throwing it in the waste basket I realized I could reuse it! It's really pretty blue paper with stars all over!! So I quickly grabbed it back out and have saved it for using on cards!


  1. Happy Birthday!! He is such a cutie, my daughter loved his photo! Your card is super!


  2. What a handsome boy! Love the use of the book paper for the card, what a great memory!

  3. What a cute little boy!! Great card that you made for him... great idea to reuse a torn up book! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!! :)


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