Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Missed it...

Hello! Well, it happened to me again.. I missed the deadline for Dawn's color challenge. I didn't take a picture of my card earlier today like I should have. I knew I should have when I thought of it, but just got caught up with other things throughout the day. So I quickly took this picture this evening in the house. I thought I still had an half hour before the challenge ended. I was thinking we are 2 hours ahead of her in her time zone, but I must have been wrong, because when I went to check, it was already closed. Boohoo. This was just one of the many things that went wrong for me today. I had a pretty rough day. A lot of tears going on. AND to top it all off, shortly after I took this picture this evening, I went to take a picture of our boys being ever so cute, and our flash on the camera quit working!! I thought maybe I had it set on something wrong. Matthew looked it over and tried some different things and then went online to try and get some help. It sounds like we will have to send the camera in to Canon and spend close to $200 to have it fixed AND it would be gone for at least 2 weeks!! AND, not only that, but my baby boy's FIRST birthday is tomorrow (today), the 6th!!!! I have just been in tears tonight. I need to have a working camera, and especially for inside I need to have the flash. We were going to wait to give him his gifts and do the cake (torte) after Matthew got home.. and by then the lighting will be even darker in the house!! I need some prayer right now. I've had a stressful and emotional day. Along with trying to start my first day of the week in my life project, which I might have to post pone now, I don't know. We'll see. I got through most of the day with a working camera, but it just wasn't a happy day for me. Got upset with myself, my son, my hubby... just feel like a horrible mommy and wife sometimes. Ok, I best get going. I need to get some rest. Thanks for listening to my sobby, self pity story. No, I know I just need to relax and give things over to the Lord and pray alot. He can give me perfect peace that passes all understanding.


  1. I am so sorry you had such a miserable day! I am sure you are a perfect mommy and wife! And your card is adorable, I`d chose it for the spotlight!


  2. What a pretty card, sorry you missed the deadline, I missed some other challenge deadlines today too! :( And our two Beagle dogs ran away this weekend, and we have been looking everywhere for them and putting up posters! They got out of their pen, but they always come back, but not this time! :( Sorry your week is going bad too! How about I'll pray for you and you pray for me! :)

  3. So sorry I did not see this sooner! I do hope things are better now, but I will still keep you in prayer. It is such an encouragement to see you persevering through the Lord! Love ya and you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. Oh... Love,love, love the card by the way! Also you are a fabulous mommy and wife. The Lord has blessed your little family with YOU!


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