Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hey there! I just wanted to pop in and say Hi! And also say sorry for such a "quiet" week far as no posts. I know I had a lot last week, and I knew it wasn't going to be as busy this week just because things going on here. October is a VERY busy birthday month in our family and just a lot of other things going on as well. I do have a couple cards I've wanted to share that I was able to make a few evenings ago. But the weather had been bad and it wasn't the greatest for taking pictures. Today was BEAUTIFUL! It was a such a pretty fall day. The colors ares starting to come out more, the air was crisp, blustery with a bit of a chill, and sunny! So perfect! I LOVE fall!! I love the smells, the cozy feelings you get when you can just enjoy the beautiful weather but also cuddle up in side and drink some tea, hot cocoa, or even spiced hot cider (which I have not had yet this year, we did get some apples and cider from the cider mill last week, but it's all gone now!). Anyway, today would have been perfect for my pictures, but my hubby ran off with the camera when I thought of doing it... had I known sooner, I would have grabbed it earlier on in the day and snapped some pictures of my cards. But besides all of that... My sweet baby boy is going to be ONE year old this Tuesday (the 6th), so we are having some of my family over tomorrow to celebrate. So I've been getting things ready for that. It's going to be sort of a double birthday celebration because my Dad's birthday is on Monday, the day before my son, Samuel's (he was actually due on Grandpa's birthday, but just missed it by a few hours). So we're doing a dinner with just my parents and some of my siblings, the older ones with their families are not able to make it. So we'll be doing chicken, mashed potatoes, a salad, and not decided for sure, but maybe some acorn squash, I think I will most likely make it. We love it, and so does my family. And there will be cake and ice cream of course! I made two pumpkin pies tonight for my Dad, that's what he requested, he loves pumpkin pie. I like getting what I can made ahead of time. And if you know me, I'm a late night-er, it's just easier for me to get things done after the boys are all in bed and I can have free time to get things made and ready.
My hubby did wash all the dishes for me tonight though, that was SO sweet of him!! And he did it all on his own, I didn't even have to ask!! How sweet is that?!?! The house smells wonderful with that pumpkin pie aroma in the air! Another thing I love about this time of year! :)
And with today (yesterday, now!! It's after 1:00 am here, eeekers!!) being World Card Making Day, I really wanted to have at least a post up of one of my cards, but I didn't get to it. And I knew with me being busy with birthday planning and such, that I most likely would not get to create today. So anyway, hope you all had a wonderful day and have a very blessed day tomorrow!!

One more thing I wanted to mention...
Starting Monday, I will be starting a documentation of a week in my life. This is a fun thing to do just to document one week in your life. Taking photos each day, jotting down things you did that day or anything that you would like to make note of. Take pictures of things you wouldn't normally take pictures of, like washing dishes, laundry, cleaning your bathroom, a pile of folded clothes, mail, or if you go out take your camera with you and take pictures of where you went, ie- grocery shopping, post office, just running errands etc. There are no particular rules for this, it's just a fun thing to do to document a whole week in your life and then you can make an album featuring all your pictures and documentation. It will make for a really neat thing to look back on and remember just an ordinary week in your life! I will be starting this on Monday and ending it on next Sunday (the 11th). But really you can make it as long as you want and you can start it whenever you want. I found out about this last year through Ali Edward's blog. She started doing this a few years back and she explains all about how she does it and really has some great tips and suggestions on how to go about doing it. And encourages us to just be ourselves and make a point to document even the silly things that may even seem pointless to us, or something we don't normally see as being worthy of making note of or taking a picture of. I didn't participate in it last year because I was big huge and pregnant and ready to pop at any time! Ha! And I think I was pretty miserable feeling, so I guess I wasn't up to it. But now I sure wish I would have done it!! I think it would be so neat to look back at how I was feeling those last few days leading up to the birth of my son. Sometimes I too often don't do things and then later regret not doing them. So I encourage you to join me this week and document this week of your life, no matter what you do, even if you think your life is boring or nothing special going on. It doesn't matter. Even if you just take pictures or just journal. Later in life you will be thankful you did this! So will you join me?? I hope so!! Be sure and check out all Ali has on this and all the insight and info she shares on it!! I think it will encourage you more!! :)
So get your cameras ready!!! I will most likely be posting my pictures that I've taken through out the week! So stay tuned!! :)
Blessings to you all!!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see your week in a life. I've always wanted to do that project! I think I just need to do it! Especially with a new dog in our lives!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad & your Son! :) I have a birthday this month too, I will be the BIG 3-0! I'm a little freaked out about that! :) Anyway, the day in the life sounds fun! I might have to try that, thanks for the inspiration! :)


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