Monday, February 1, 2010

blogiversary + Birthday

A year ago today I started my blog! I really don't have anything special to do in celebration of it. But I do have two pages I did from my birthday. As you may notice the first page is a redo of my original I did a week or so ago. I really didn't like my original one I designed, I just felt like it wasn't me. So it was bugging me too much, I just had to redo it! There are a few others I've done recently that I'm in the process of redesigning because I just don't like them. I feel like because I was kind of forcing myself to get them scrapped, that I wasn't designing what I truly like and what my style is. And lately, I'm not totally sure what my style is, but I have noticed I really am liking more simple designs, nothing too complicated and stressful on the eyes. I like things to look CLEAN and well balanced I guess. White background, a few flourishes, stitching (maybe you're getting sick of seeing me use so much stitching?? I'm just really into it right now!).
And I really like adding color- making my layouts bright and cheerful!
For this page I was inspired by this layout.

And because I'm not use to using a lot of pink on my pages (since I mostly do pages of the boys) I really wanted the page with me to look girly! I don't get that many opportunities for that and to use PINK! And I have so badly wanted to use it! And these papers from Crystal were just that! Bright and cheerful, and pink! They're really simple and clean looking, I guess that's what attracted me to them, oh, and the hearts and poka dots! I've been getting most of my inspiration from HERE & HERE lately. Crystal has been featuring digi kits that were designed by her little sister on her blog for a special price for one week (info here). I think that's so sweet that she's helped her sister out by doing that and also for helping her in design! I think that's awesome when people are so selfless and are so willing to give of themselves and teach others. Just a good example of how God wants us to freely give to others. I'm really trying to have a positive outlook on different circumstances in my life, and trying to always think the best of others. Sometimes it can be difficult, but with the Lord's help, he can see me through these changes! :)

So anyway, thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit me today! And to celebrate my one year blogiversary!! Maybe I'll eat a piece of chocolate cake in celebration of it! And you can go ahead and eat some too! :-)
Speaking of anniversaries, my husband and I will be married 5 years this coming Friday, the 5th! I'm really looking forward to it! It will be the first time in a LONG time that we'll get to go out alone together, just the two of us, no kids.
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  1. Happy Birthday, Blogiversary, and Anniverasary! Love the layouts and all the great pics! :)

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!! Love your adorable layouts - especially the girly one!! And fab photos, too!


  3. Gorgeous layout!! Beautiful design and details! I hopped on over to your blog thru Winter's....such a happy and pretty blog, will have to visit more often!

  4. I love the pink. :) Oh, and Happy Birthday!
    I found your blog by jumping from blog-to-blog... not really sure how I got here, but I'm glad I did.


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