Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3rd card, all 3 + pure joy

Sometimes when I go to make a card for a particular person or occasion by the time I'm finished with it I sometimes change my mind on who it's going to be fore, but not always. Sometimes I just want to make a really special card for that particular person and if the end result isn't perfect enough or just what I wanted for that person than I will end up using it for something else. I needed to create a birthday card for my Grandma, while this card turned out cute, I'm not certain I am going to use this one for her or not, maybe though. I was inspired by this card that Ashley Newell created.

And here are all three of them together. If you haven't noticed, all three of these cards have something in common, have you guessed??? Yup, they all have pink! Haha! You're probably going "duhhh, Jessica".

And my handsomes were out with me while I was taking my pictures of my cards. This is my eldest being the cute big boy he is. Yeah, that hay bale is left from fall, eehh, I guess we should toss it, huh?!

And how could I resist such cuteness!!?!?!

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