Friday, May 1, 2009

No rhyme or reason

I decided a while ago that I am not going to scrapbook in order (Or rather I will have no "rhyme or reason", to my scrapping. Well, there will always be a reason for my pages. But I mean I may just scrap a page out of the ordinary for no reason). Since I am SO behind on my scrapping instead of stressing myself out to try and scrap things in order, I am going to just scrap as I find pictures that I want to scrap. One day it may be older photos and another day they may be recent. And this is SO out of my ORGANIZED plans of what I have in my mind, so this is really a a change for me and I think I am relaxing more on things and not stressing so much. I think it has discouraged me when I have felt in the past that I needed to scrap all my pages in order and it has caused me to just put off doing it because I had this "PERFECT" plan in my mind on how I wanted it all to be and never took or found the time to do it all how I wanted to. Or, could be for fear that they wouldn't turn out as perfect as I wanted them to be. Probably me comparing my work to others! Shame on me! But now I am totally letting all the "perfectionism" go! Well, maybe some of it anyway! My pages will most likely be placed in an album in order though. Sometimes I like to scrap recent things because they're more fresh in my mind and I want to get it scrapped right away. I usually journal most everything on the boys but there are times I forget to make note of something or may only have a picture to show or visa versa. I know there will be pages I design that will have no pictures because I didn't capture that particular moment on camera (I seriously have cried because of not getting a photo of a special moment that happened). But I really just want to scrap and truly enjoy it and have fun and not worry about keeping them in order as I scrap. But just feel free to do a page out of the ordinary and be myself and enjoy it and like doing it!
It's funny, because I was scanning through the millions of pictures I have to choose some for the color challenge Dawn has up right now, and I came across these. I was going to just change them to black & white but I liked the color in them and I wanted to keep them in color. So I decided to just design a fun page with lost of fun colors! AND I was able to pull of putting PINK on a page with my son on it!! Since my mom was wearing pink in these photos and just the specialness of Grandma with her grandson I think made the pink fit in well! I am so excited I captured this moment on camera!

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