Saturday, May 2, 2009

Color Inspiration #50

Some of you may have noticed I originally posted a digital layout for this challenge. Well, I had some issues with that and decided I wasn't as happy with the results of it enough to have it for the challenge. So I deleted that entry and decided to just create a card for it.
You probably notice there is a glare on the butterflies.. I used a clear plastic to do a window effect. Something really sad happened while I was making this card, my Martha Stewart butterfly punch broke! Yeah, bohoo, I was pretty sad. Apparently you can't punch through two layers of card stock with it, yeah, I learnt the hard way. So now I will terribly miss this punch, I use it all the time! I had to leave something off this card that I originally planned on putting on it, but because my punch broke I couldn't do it. So anyway, I just left it as is.

I'm really liking the foam dots to give a raised effect to things. I didn't capture it well enough with the camera, but none the less I did use them!


  1. Lovely card, great job on the challenge!

    -Sorry about your punch-

    good luck on the picks :)

  2. Cute card! Love the butterflies! Sorry your punch broke! :(


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