Monday, August 10, 2009

Olivia's cards

Here are the cards my niece, Olivia (10 years old) made. I could tell she really enjoyed making these and she just kept wanting to make more! Her and Victoria made a total of 5 each, including the ones they made for the color challenge. Once I showed her she could put glitter on the cards, boy, she liked that!! Isn't this a fun and elegant card?? Oh, and I showed them how to use rub-ons (the "Friend" image is a rub-on). I just showed them how to do it once and then they totally went and did these on their own! Olivia's cards are very creative and CUTE!

This one with the bear she made for her almost 2 year old brother, Asa.

This is a card she made for her friend, Samantha.

I really like this one! I think she really put it together nicely, and of course that glitter ;). So pretty! I can tell she likes to keep things simple, and that's so neat! It's really neat to see the different styles the girls have, Victoria I can tell really likes to add detail to hers and will take time to color things in and really add a lot of neat effects. They both did such beautiful jobs!

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