Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #15

Hello there everyone! I haven't been posting much these days. I guess I've been trying to take care of my house and my boys and keeping busy with that. Although, I don't feel like I've been the greatest at that either. I think I've been dealing with more emotional things, and it's been hindering me from doing all the things I would like to do. I have been praying for the Lord to help me with this.Here is my take on Dawn's color challenge for this week. Aren't the colors she chose soo yummy looking?? I really like them!! Unfortunately, I didn't have any melon/coral color. So I had to use some orange I had. It's hard because I'm running out of so many colors. They usually happen to be the ones she has for the challenges. She's been having cream a lot, and I literally
only have little pieces here and there of it left. So I have to be creative when it comes to using it. Same with my green/moss color.
Ok, so this card was actually my third round of making it!!
I originally started this out as a skinny card, then decided on making a real small card. So I cut it down to make a 3 1/2 X 4 inch card. So cute! I actually had this idea in mind of how I wanted my card to look. The "mod" flower design is fun! I thought adding the button to the one would be cute, so I just stitched it on, stamped different images on each of the other "petals" and adhered them with some foam dots to give them that raised dimensional look.
So why did it take me THREE rounds to make my card?
I got my card all completed, sentiment stamped and all... EXCEPT, my stitching. I really wanted to have the zig-zag stitching to give the pink and green that connected look.
I put my needle down, and pushed the presser foot... AND my thread bunched up TERRIBLY and the sewing machine tried eating my card!! It totally destroyed the edge!! And because I had the birthday sentiment so close to the edge there was no cutting it down to salvage it and reuse it. I messed with my sewing machine for a while to try and figure out what was going on. I took the bobbin out and cleaned out the bunched up thread, messed around with it, still did the same thing! So I decided I would go on to cut more paper for another card. Made that one, got it together, and the sentiment didn't turn out right. So I tried salvaging it with putting glitter on it. That was a mistake! The glue pen let way too much glue out and making the glitter pool in big spots so you could hardly make out that it said "happy birthday"!
Ok, so I was pretty frustrated by now! And thinking about if the dumb sewing machine would have worked on my first one I would have a perfect card!! Grrr!! So I went to bed. It was getting way too late and I was too grumpy to keep going.
So, today I worked on my sewing machine some more. And, PRAISE the Lord, I got it working!!! So I finally got my card DONE!! It still didn't turn out as well as my very first one did (other than the stitching, ha!). But I am so thankful I was able to get the sewing machine working, I was afraid I would have to call a service place and maybe take it in somewhere to have it fixed. I remembered that a few weeks back, I found my sewing machine laying on the dinning room floor, on it's side!! Yeah, not so sure what my son was up to! I don't even know how he got the heavy thing down off of where I had it! And the fact that I never heard it drop or anything. So I was a little frightened that the inner mechanics of the machine could have gotten messed up from that little mishap.

I don't normally list the supplies I use on my cards. Mostly because I don't know what half of the names of it all are, due to the fact that most of it has been given to me. But I will try and start listing things as I can.

For this card I really don't know the names of the color of the card stock used. But I can say they are all Stampin' Up paper, except my cream color, I used some printed card stock I had (not sure what the brand is) and just used the back side of it.

  • Stamps used are:
  • Little pieces-SU
  • Polka dots & paisley-SU
  • Polka dot punches-SU
  • Occasions collection-SU
  • The happy birthday sentiment is from a set of three clear stamps from Imaginisce. Called Snag 'em stamps-All kinds of happy collection.
  • Ink: Old olive-SU, Pixi pink-SU, Versa Mark ink, Yoyo yellow & Real red-SU mixed to make an orangy color.
  • EK success corner rounder
  • Colored buttons from a pack I bought from Wal-Mart.
  • Cream colored sewing thread.

So I hope you enjoyed viewing my card! I do believe fall is in the air. We've been having nice cool evenings, and there's that familiar smell in the air that this time of year has. I love it!! As much as I felt like we really didn't have much of a summer, I am excited for fall!! Does it feel like fall where you're at yet??

Okay, I better get this posted before it's next year! Sorry about all the jabbering, guess I had a lot to say!!

Have a a wonderful day/evening! God bless!!



  1. Your card is beautiful! There's some Very Vanilla paper on your way to your mailbox! (And some other goodies, too!) It sounds like you wrestled with this card, but hey, you won! It looks great! Love you!

  2. Love how you used the colours this week. The square shapes are genius! I love how they are popped up. The stitching is a perfect detail :)

  3. The stitching is the perfect touch...it was worth the trouble you had to go to! Very beautiful card.

  4. I love it! After all that it turned out fabulous! You've inspired me to play around with the "mod flower" again. I wanted to thank you for all the help you have givin me since starting my blog. I couldn't have gotten my pictures to enlarge with out you! Glad you got your sewing machine working again.
    I love your new blog banner and profile picture!

  5. VERY cute card! Me like it alot :)

  6. I love this card! It's a beautiful, simple card but also very unique. Great job!

  7. LOVE your card! It just came together so great. Love how you alternated the colors and the added button is a bonus!

  8. Gorgeous use of colour on your card, you did a fab job!

  9. Your card looks great! I love how bright the colors look! I know what you mean about finding pieces to use, I have to do that on some of the colors too! Your blog title looks so cute! I pray you are feeling better soon! :)


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