Monday, August 10, 2009

Victoria's cards

These cards were created by my niece, Victoria (almost 12 years old). She also made a total of five cards (including the one for the color challenge). I think she has an eye for making things look really balanced and elegant! Hope you enjoy looking through her beautiful cards! I had such a fun time having my nieces stay and watching them get excited over making cards, like me! They really did a great job with them.

She really wanted to use this bird. This is from the set of my clear stamps I bought awhile back. I have not yet used this one because I haven't gotten an acrylic block big enough for this bird yet. So I let her use it, we made it work! She wanted to do the bird with the pink and brown and I think she did a GREAT job! Isn't the glitter such a pretty touch!?
I think it's so neat watching what some of the younger girls come up with and seeing their different styles. They amaze me with their creative ideas! They got to making these cards so good I would just leave them while I was tending to things around the house or the boys, they'd asked for help here and there. They then would come and bring their cards to me and say "see! Do you like it?!" I was just amazed at all they did and how fast they whipped these out!

She also made a card for her little brother, Asa, who will be two in just a little over a week.

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