Monday, August 10, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #14- by Victoria Border

My nieces (ages 11 1/2 & 10) stayed over the weekend with me, and just left today. They made cards every day they were here (you can see their other cards they made on posts below).
When I showed them the color challenge Dawn just put up last night, they were all giddy and said, "maybe we can make a card for it before we have to leave tomorrow!!". So, today I went through my papers and what I had, to see if I had the right colors for the challenge. I didn't have a whole ton of stuff but I found what I thought was the closest matches for the colors.
So, after I set the stuff out for them, helped them cut their papers, then left them to create their cards while I did things around the house. They only needed a little help. But they totally came up with their own layouts and designs all on their own.
This first card was created by my niece, Victoria (she is almost 12 years old). I think she did a FANTASTIC job!! She's really good at detail and keeping a good balance on her cards.
It excites me to see my nieces (and little sisters) get excited over the things that I love and am really in to! They seemed to have a blast making things and I am happy they were able to make their cards in time before they had to head back home. They were saying before they left "I wonder if one of us will be picked!?!". I told them I would let them know!! Ha! They were pretty excited, to say the least!
The butterfly was giving us a bit of trouble so I had to help her with it. But this was all totally her design and idea! And she put it together all on her own!


  1. I would say your niece did a terrific job! And what a great aunt, to share your precious stamping supplies:)

  2. Adorable buttons and butterflies! This is great. Way to rock Dawn's color combo.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  3. I love this butterfly too! Wow, does that purple pop!

  4. Wow... they did a great job! I enjoyed looking through your blog! You have some great cards (yours and the other crafty people in your life) on here! Thanks for visiting and sharing with me on my crap hiney story! :)Your comment was so fun to read!

  5. So cute! I love that big butterfly! Great job! :)


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